Monday, November 10, 2008

Adventures in Time and Space with a side of Marriage!

A great deal of people that follow this blog are probably wondering where I have been of late? Well I have not been hiding from pumpkin headed aliens as "The Carlman" so dastardly implied, but on an adventure unlike any other!!!!

I know many of you know me as the formidable Sith Lord Darth Bill, but I must reveal another character, or side of my personality, you may not be aware of: "Luke (Skywalker that is) I am also Pirate Captain Bootstrap Bill, Scourge of the Seven Seas. Arrrrrhhhhhh!!!!!!" See below for a picture of a scallywag so fearsome it promises to at the very least make you sigh and scratch your head (he's not quite right me thinks?????).

Okay, okay here is the truth as best I can do - Sith and Pirates are very bad at telling the truth at times; it's an occupational hazard/requirement. I married me bonnie lass, Valerie, that I have been madly in love with for some time. I checked the rule books and they indeed said that for both Sith and Pirates marriage is perfectly fine and even encouraged!!! I will still be as evil as ever just married also. My bride does not need to know about me blowing up the occasional planet with my Death Star. I'm afraid to report that she definitely shows some of those darn loving and "Can't We All Get Along" Jedi teachings. Oh well the heart does not chose who we will love and I will try to overlook some of her faults and she mine (I hope).

Here is a picture of my lovely bride and me swearing my eternal love to her upon my sword (I will give a free book to the first person to identify the back of the head in the forefront. This is not a joke. Identify "The Mystery Head" and win a free book.). She is indeed the greatest treasure I have or will ever find!!!!!! I love you now and forever Valerie!!!!!

Well enough talk of love and marriage, let me tell you about a really great book I recently finished:

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card - If you like Science Fiction, you will love this book. This book is set in an Earth future where humanity is recovering from a massive invasion, which was repulsed by Earth Forces, from an alien species that are called Buggers because of there insect like looks and manners. Because of reasons that are eventually revealed in the book, children are looked to as the military commanders who will ultimately defeat the alien Buggers. In this not so cherry future Ender Wiggins is born. Ender is special, among many other reasons, in that he is a third child. In this Earth's future parents are only allowed to have two children. Because of the brilliance of his two older siblings and due to their short comings, Ender is allowed to be born. The Earth's International Fleet, made up of military personal from many different Earth Nations, takes in children who are exceptional in some manner to train them to lead armies to defeat the Buggers. Children are taken as early as six years old to begin this training in an outer space station known as Battle School. Ender is a brilliant military mind and recognized for it by all, which is both a blessing and a curse. Ender is set up in a no win situation by the adult officers of the International Fleet. They harass, push, and take Ender to the breaking point to make him the commander who will defeat the Bugger Forces once and for all. No one asks Ender how he feels about all this and if they did they would not like the answer. Ender wants only peace and certainly not to hurt anyone ever. A fascinating read about the duality of human nature; To strike out and crush that we do not understand or to seek to understand others so that peace can rule the day. I highly recommend this book and hope some of you out there in the Land of Blog give it a go.

Until next time me harteys!!!!!!




Cyber Kid 303 said...

Hey Darth Bill! Congratulations on getting married. It was good seeing you at back at the library today. You're wedding looks like it was fun. The mystery head is Carl! I've seen it enough to know.

Carl said...

You got it, bud! That's me. Has myhair reallt gotten that gray?