Thursday, November 6, 2008

Even More From Koko B. Ware!

Hey, everyone, even the great and powerful CARLMAN gets a cold sometimes, I had a really bad one and had to stay home yesterday but I'm back in the galaxy again. We've just got a new review from our good friend Koko B. Ware from the Guys Read blog. He talked the second book in the Isalnd trilogy by Gordon Korman on October 29; today he writes about the first one.

Hey FellasI have just now like 5 minutes ago finished the first book of the " Island " series. I STRONGLY recommend it. So heres how it goes, the six children( Charla, Lyssa, Ian, J.J, Will and Luke) are all sent on this boat/program called Charting a New Course, or shorter, CNC. So those six children have been sent to this program for different reasons. Such as Luke's case where he is framed for possesing a weapon in his locker when his "friend" Reese actually hid it in there. However another character, Ian, was shipped off for WATCHING TOO MUCH TV. So next time your parents say " get off your butt and get active ", oh have I heard that wayyy too many times, listen too 'em! Anyways, they all have differentiating reasons, but they all get sent off to one place... CNC. And so, There is the captain James Cascadden and the Mate Mr.Radford A.K.A Rat-Face by the "inmates". To make a long story short, they all get caught up in a huge, I mean 12-20 ft swells!, storm and genius Son-Of-An-Actor J.J lane, with his patented brattish atitude goin' on, decides that it would be a good idea to put up the sails in 80 mph gusts.Therefore the boat tips as the sail is snapped open from the brutal winds and good ol Capt. Cascadden is thrown over-board. Then a series of unfortunate events occur. Please excuse the use of another title but it just seemed appropriate. As Ratface wants to turn around the engine dies, the sleeping qurters are flooded and the baot beggins to tilt, gasp.'!, ultimatly leaving the stranded captain to die. And as I said before in the first comment I believe, Rat-Face left with all the food on the 24 ft dhingy leaving the kids to die. As I always say " When the going gets Ugly, the ugly get going." Hahahaha. Please excuse my little pun.Whew! So when little Mrs. perfect, Lyssa, repairs the motor, the fumes in the engine room ignite from the engine sputtering to life and the boat ends up sinking in to the Pacific Ocean. Two of the kids are lost, Lyssa and J.J but the others amnage to reach and uncharted island way out in the Pacific.
Koko B. Ware

Thanks, Koko! You are going to LOVE that third book! You thought things looked bad for those kids in the first two books---just you wait!!! Go find it, guys!!!
PS--did you know that Gordon Korman has written the second book in The 39 Clues series. Won't that be great???
PPS--Bruner Boys, where are you?

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