Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cyber Kid Solves "The Big Head Mystery"

Hello all, it is I, Captain Bootstrap/Darth Bill!!!!!!!!!!! Well, the case some said was to tough to crack has been solved. Remember this:

No one knew who "The Mystery Big Head" belonged to, but through super sleuthing skills second not even to the famous Sherlock Holmes Cyber Kid has revealed the truth!!!!! Here it is straight from Cyber Kid's mouth:

Hey Darth Bill! Congratulations on getting married. It was good seeing you back at the library today. You're wedding looks like it was fun. The mystery head is Carl! I've seen it enough to know.

Yes you are correct Cyber Kid. My hat is off to you for your "always get your man" wickedly cool detective skills. So now lets see the front of "The Mystery Big Head" and let the truth be known:

Yes Cyber Kid, "The Mystery Big Head" is indeed The Carlman!!!!!!! I know I will sleep easier tonight with this case being solved. Come by here or Matthews and get you free book. You've earned it Chief Detective!!!!!

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