Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Awesome Power of the CARLMAN

We've had a couple of people write in to us lately with good comments and questions. (You can read them in the "comments" section under the posts) Yesterday a librarian from Arkansas asked where to find the list of books that have been reviewed so far. It's in the sidebar on the left-hand side of the page under a section titled, "Here are some links to some really great sites--you'll find some cool books here." In that section is a link that says, "Here is a list of all the books that we've talked about..." (It's right above the James Ransome link and just below the Guys Read blog link) Take a look at it, guys. You'll find a lot of great stuff there--chapter books, graphic novels, nonfiction, etc. Each book also has the date on which it was reviewed, so you can go back and read what we and your fellow guys have said. Some books on that list are underlined; that means those reviews have been sent in by YOU!!! There have been a LOT of books reviewed by YOU. So go and see!!! And this list can be printed--so print one and impress your teachers, parents, librarians, and other adults.

The second comment comes from anonymous--I think the same one who sent us that review of The Stardust Kid yesterday. (don't froget to come to Imaginon or Matthews and get your free book) He said:
Now I know, in fact, WE ALL know, you ARE the Great and Powerful Carlman.....but do you really want to go and poke Darth Bill with a Light Saber?????? This seems to me to be just asking for trouble.I don't believe in all the history of Jedis and Siths, I have ever heard of a Sith backing down from a challenge. Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

You must understand, anonymous, that the Great and Powerful CARLMAN is not afraid of anything so paltry as a light saber. Have you ever heard the old saying that "the pen is mightier than the sword"? Well, the CARLMAN knows that the pen (or the keybaord) is infinitely more poswerful than the light saber. Reading is power, guys, and that is where the Great and Powerful CARLMAN derives his awesome might. The CARLMAN has traveled many hundreds of years through time and space and has seen how reading has toppled empires, freed people, and changed history. Frederick Douglas raised himself from slavery when he learned to read. Thomas Paine helped start a revolution in the American colonies with his pamphlet Common Sense, and Charles Dickens's books ended terrible working conditions in England--and almost single-handedly revived Christmas with A Christmas Carol. Even today, bloggers are making dictatorial governments admit things they try to cover up. So keep at it, guys! READING IS POWER!!! One day, perhaps, one of YOU will run a guys' reading blog. Then boys everywhere will find about terrific books from the Awesome ANONYMOUS, the Sensationally Superpowered CYBER KID, Magnificent and Mighty MIKEY (aka Lord Vader), or the Beyond the Imagination BRUNER BOYS!!!!

BTW, anonymous, I have requested The Stardust Kid from another branch. It'll take a copuple or three days to get here. Can't wait! Also, I have never seen a sith back down from a challenge either. I just have to wonder howhe is.


Koko said...

Hey you all,
On Behalf of the entire guys read team, THANKYOU SO MUCH. The books look awesome, especially the one that I chose, Guts, you know the Gary Paulsen book. However, all of the books in that pack are great novels. Oh yea, the bookmarks... a great finishing touch.

We'll get in touch soon, but for now, C U L8R!!!

Koko B. Ware

Carl said...

You are most welcome!! You guys deserved them. If the rest of you don't know what he means, the Boys Rule blog sent Koko and the other guys in his reading club in the Guys Read blog the free books we promise to anyone who send us a review. Write one and YOU could be next!