Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More From Koko B. Ware!

It sure is good to hear from firends. We have have another couple of comments from Koko B. Ware, one of the guys at the Guys Read blog.

Hey Guys,Thank you soooo much. I cant believe you actually put my post up. Plus the free book, you guys dont know how cool that is. You know we put that little P.S thing as a joke, but hey i'll take a book any day of the week, hence the membership of GUYS READ. Well I think ill keep comin' back to put up more comment/reviews. Keep on posting.

Your friend, from a different part of NC, Koko B. Ware on behalf of the Guys Read book club

Oh yeah,I am just now beggining the first and third book. (of the Island trilogy) Not really the way that the author intended for it to be ready, but hey, im not your average guy. Im Special ;)Ur club ROX !!!!!!Koko B. Ware

Thanks! Your club rocks, too. I've got a book for you, but we're so busy that it might take a couple more days to send it. Be patient, B. Ware!

And a question----where are you, Bruner Boys??? We used to hear from you every Tuesday, but it's been a while. Have you disappeared into a wormhole? Did you go straight to the Delta Quadrant? Let us hear from you!! Gotta go.
The Great and Powerful CARLMAN

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