Friday, April 1, 2011

The Last Shots and The Winners!

What an exciting March this has been! There were some incredibly major upsets in the NCAA tournament. My brackets are shot to pieces. Not ONE of the teams I predicted for the Final Four made it! Ah, well, that's what makes it so exciting.
The March Madness Free Throw Contest has also been exciting. Super Simran established an early lead and has kept it all month but there has been a lot of competition in the back court between Michael, Ryan, Davidson and Soccer Shawn. Here are the final free throws and the winners:

Super Simran

Junie B., First Grader (at last!) By:Barbara Park

Junie B Jones is finally in first grade. She is nervous because it is a new classroom and new people and she does not have any friends. The worst thing is that all the stuff on the blackboard is blurry. She might have too get glasses. Junie B does not want glasses. Her parents are going to make her get them. I really liked this book because it was also funny for me. Read this book because I know you will like it! :^)

Junie B. Jones Is a Graduation Girl By: Barbara Park

Junie B is graduating from kindergarten. Her teacher gives everyone a white Graduation dress. Her teacher tells everyone to wait till "The Big Day" to open the Graduation gown. You know Junie B so you might know that she opened her gown before "The Big Day". She ruins her gown before the big day too. Will Junie B's Graduation be a complete disaster? I loved this book because it was interesting. Read the book to find out more! :^)

Soccer Shawn

A to Z mysteries The Canery Caper
By: Ron Roy
Book Review By: Shawn An
zzzzzzz. Yawn, welll those three crazy kids are on another crazy crime scene. At least four pets are stolen!! They get returend, but in exchange vauble things are stolen!!! Will the kids find the thief??? THIS BOOK IS AWESOME!

A to Z mysteries the deadly dungeon
by: Ron Roy
book review by: Shawn An
ZZZZZZZZZZZZ... Those three cowards are on another case. Remember the mysterios author? Well her name is Wallis Wallace. She has invited the three kids over. She said that she hears strange noises in her house. the three kids go into a play-house.
Then they hear the noise for themselves! they follow the noise into a dungeon. Will they survive? Or die??? THIS BOOK IS GREAT!!! zzzzzzzz.....

Big Nate In A Class By Himself
By: Lincoln Peirce
Book Review By: Shawn An
Big Nate thinks that he's awesome. A fortune cookie told himself the following message: today you will surpass all others. Will he achive his goals? BOOK IS AWESOME! zzzzzzzzz

Big Nate Strikes Again
By: Lincoln Peirce
Book review by: Shawn An
Nate has to pair up with his rival Gina! They have to study Benjamen Franklin. Then Nate is a flecceball captin and with Gina again. Will his plan to go as he wanted? THIS BOOK IS COOL! zzzzz


By: Louis Sachar

Wayside School is getting more funnier than ever! There are stories about socks, pencils and even more! In this third book of wayside school and even more!
I recommend everyone to read this book. It is very exciting and funny!
I liked this book because it was funny.

By:Tracey West

This book is fantastic! There is a lot of action! Ash and his friends go to get Ashes Marsh Badge. But first, Ash must defeat Sabrina. Only ghost Pokemon can defeat her psychic Pokemon.
Will Ash get his badge, or will he stay there? Read the book to find out.
I liked this book because it had lots of action. I encourage you to read it.

By: Jeff Kinney

this book is about a wimpy kid that goes to a new school a notices something. on the blacktop outside, there is an ugly cheese. someone touched the ugly cheese, so the school started something called the cheese touch.
will the cheese go away? read the book to find out.
i liked this book because it was funny. i recommend you to read the book.

By: Rick Riodan

this book is great! percy goes to a new camp called called camp half blood. percy discovers that his father is... oops. i can't tell you.people in his camp are telling him that Zeus's lightning bolt is missing! Zeus thinks it is percy, so he accuses him. later on... someone put a lightning bolt in his bookbag.
will percy find the bolt? read the book to find out.

The Boys
Chuck--2 points
Anonymous(I assume this one's a boy)--1
Soccer Shawn--7


The Girls
girl m—1

Super Simran--16

WOW!!! SUPER SIMRAN is the undisputed winner!! YAAAAYYYY!!! Super Simran, you can come to the Myers Park library and claim your prize. Or, if you can't, I'll make sure you get it. Same for you, all you second placers. And you too, Sarah! You're our third-place winner.

Hey, wait a minute--we have FOUR boys in second place! That's Michael, Ryan, Soccer Shawn and Davidson. Congratulations, guys! This has never happened before. Well, this is great! It shows that lots of boys enjoy reading and that's what this blog is all about. We have lots of prizes in the box, so there will be plenty for all of you. As I said, come to the Myers Park library and get your prizes or I will find a way to get them to you.

Hey, wait another minute--Super Simran is the first-place winner and that means--

that means---

---a girl is the overall winner at the BOYS Read blog!! This has never happened before either. Fortunately, the Iron Guy is not made of inflexible metal (the iron is only for toughness!) and can enjoy any new situation. I think we can all be happy that kids, boys and girls, enjoy reading. In fact, this just goes to show that girls can enjoy good reads as much as boys. And--celebrating a girl winning the Boys Read contest shows just how good-natured boys really are, giving the world more proof of the awesome greatness of boys!!

Seriously, though, this has been a great contest and I thank all of you for writing in. Now don't think this means you have to stop!! We still want to hear about good reads! So keep sending in those reviews and I'll keep posting them.OK? OK!!

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