Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Great Debate Starts!

Yes, indeed, guys, the Great Harry Potter Controversy has begun. We've had three people weigh in already. They are in the Comments section under the last post; go ahead and look at them. In the interest of generating even MORE debate, however, I'm going to post those comments here as well. I hope that reading these comments will make you want to write some of your own.

The first comment was from cool dude:

You are right I like Percy Jackson way more than Harry Potter but I still like them.
P.S I am on the second book.

YESSS!! cool dude agrees with the Iron Guy! (who likes Percy Jackson infinitely more than Harry Potter)
Our next comment was from Brain Lair, a grown-up librarian. (you'll notice that if you scramble the letters to "librarian" it makes "Brain Lair")

I've been a Harry Potter fan since book 3. It's not so much the story line, which is classic hero's journey, but how she incorporated so many things into the writing. How when I go back to read them, after reading the whole series, I can see so many connections. Things she would mention and would come to mean more later. Her willingness to take some chances - I mean she killed a major character! I think any aspiring YA/MG writer could learn a lot from Rowling.

That said, I'm also a Rick Riordan fan. Have read all PJ plus Kane Chronicles and Lost Hero. I've actually read the KC twice. I think Rick displays more versatility in this series than in PJ.

Good point, Brain Lair. I just read a grown analysis of Harry Potter that tells about all the connections in the HP books. It may make me change my mind--but then I think about the time I tried to read the fourth book and it was so slow that it took as much effort as marching through a field of mud. It was so slow, in fact, that I never finished it! (BTW, Brain Lair--more versatility in KC than PJ?? Another good topic for debate! I still like PJ better, though I really enjoyed The Throne of Fire)

Our last comment comes from our good friend Sammer:

Harry Potter is one of my favorites but not my favorite.The 39 clues is a really great book seires.Dan and Amy have a grandmother Who is one of the Cahills Eurikta,Jaunus,Tomas and Luician.Dan and Amy travel around the world with their babysiter Nellie.It's a big Adventure.

Yes, it is a big adventure, Sammer. I'm a huge 39 Clues fan. (gotta look and see when the next one comes out)
All right, some agree with me and some don't. How about YOU?? Where do YOU stand on the Great Harry Potter Controversy? Write your thoughts in the Comments section under this or the last post.


nboy said...

yeah i like percy jackson better than harry

Anonymous said...

I LOVE HARRY POTTER! i don`t like percy jackson at all

Doom said...

Boys, boys settle down. Riordan and Rowling are both great authors there is no need to take sides. You can both like both the same. everybody has their own opinions. no need to fight. Riordan has a bunch of creative ideas and thoughts, Rowling has created a series that has millions of potter fans worldwide. Domo remains neutral.