Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yet MORE Responses to the Great Harry Potter Controversy!

Yes, everyone, the Great Harry Potter Controversy continues to draw comments from excited readers! First one to speak up is OG, who is obviously a super-cool librarian like the Iron Guy:

I'm definitely a Harry Potter fan and have read the books a few times. There's a comfort found in them that is rare in a lot of books. Percy Jackson is great, but it never quite reaches that comfort level that Harry Potter does. When I read Harry Potter, I feel like I'm exploring a world that I would like to visit. When I read Percy Jackson, I just feel like it's an exciting story, but I never fell in love with it. Yet, as a children's librarian, when it comes to recommending books to boys, I do find myself steering them more to Percy than Harry. But I think that's only because I don't feel like I have to steer anyone to Harry Potter, people know about it and always will.

As far as my real go to books for boys, however, Percy Jackson is one, but I also like the Alex Rider series, Artemis Fowl, and Cirque Du Freak, all of which are huge hits with boys. Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan is another one I've had a lot of luck with. It's a high charging steam-punk adventure that has Percy Jackson licked any day, in my humble opinion. And has anyone else read Ship Breaker, by Paolo Bacigalupi? It's for older readers, sure, but I think it might be a great one for high school age boys.

Thanks. OG! We really appreciate this, especially the good stuff for boys. I have not read Ship Breaker, though our brother bloggers at SMS Guys Read read it and liked it.

Then we have Domo, who accidentally misspelled the name as Doom. (Good name for a comic book villain--has anyone ever used it?)

SORRY MISPRINT it's Domo. Anyways, I remeber the first time I opened HP and The Sorcerer's Stone. I really got sucked into the magical atmosphere and couldn't wait to read the second. A few years later I read the Lightning Thief and enjoyed them about the same. I mean no offense Riordan fans but Riordan is sometimes a little sloppy in his writing. For example: Percy said "Hi"then he puts Annabeth said "hi" there's no real conversation. I remain neutral.

Thanks, Domo! Neutral is cool. NO one said you couldn't like both Percy and Harry.

OK, everyone, I might come back next time with more about good reads, but if anyone else has a burning opinion to express, feel free to hit that Comments section underneath this post!


nboy said...

man this conversation is long i really dont like harry potter but jk and rick are both great but rick is greater

Iron Guy Carl said...

I'd agree with you on both counts, nboy. Rick IS greater and this conversation has gone on a long time. Time to move on.