Thursday, August 22, 2013

News from Michael!

Greetings, fellow reader guys, and I hope you're enjoying these last few days of summer. Some of you may be back in school and some of you may be cramming in as much fun as you can before the school doors open. Our old and faithful friend Michael has been doing what all reader guys love and that is READING! He's here to tell us about something he read and liked this summer. Take it away, Michael:

Island of Thieves
by Josh Lacey
      When his parents go on vacation, Tom Trelawney is left last minute with his uncle, Harvey. But when Tom gets mixed up with Harvey's search for treasure in Peru, and his trouble with super-criminal Otto Gonzalez, things get a little more hectic than Tom expected. This book was narrated in the first person, which I usually don't like, but it worked out pretty well for this book. The book isn't written like a movie, it's written like what would happen if this was a real event. Although searching for treasure and having an uncatchable criminal trying to kill you isn't exactly realistic, the choices the characters made are more realistic than dramatic, making the book more realistic and relatable than one written like a movie. Some of the events may seem stupid, but it's just realistic. Wouldn't you make stupid choices if you were running from a murderer and didn't have time to think? This book is also action-packed, so no need to worry about it being boring. It's very much worth reading, and it's highly enjoyable.

Michael Lanier
Pianist, guitarist, banjoist, autoharpist, jaw harpist, ukeist, mandolinist 

Thanks, Michael! You've always told us about good stuff. So how about it, guys--have any of YOU read this? Did you like it? Have you read anything else that we should know about? THEN TELL US ABOUT IT! We want to know! All the instructions are on the left-hand side of the page. HOP TO IT, men, before summer's over!

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