Thursday, April 24, 2014

One More Week for Grossness!

Greetings, guys, and fans of grossness everywhere! (and "guys" and "fans of grossness" usually mean the same thing) The Iron Guy likes to use this blog to spread the word about terrific books but this time he's going to let you all know about a truly cool display here at the Myers Park library, the Iron Guy's home base. One of our librarians who specializes in grownup books took a grownup display area to make something that GUYS would appreciate. It's-----GROSSOLOGY!

 Yes, this whole display is devoted to books about all things vile and disgusting. In other words, stuff that GUYS would want to read about! But there's one catch--this display will be up for only one more week. Yes, I know, that's not much time. My bad! But if you can get here before next Thursday, these shelves will still be full of icky stuff--I mean, books about icky stuff. Now, some of these books have been checked out since this picture was taken but don't worry--they have been replaced with plenty more! So come on over and get them before they're cleaned out. Hey--I just made a joke--gross stuff; cleaned out!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

By the way, here's a shout out to Carolyn, the librarian who thought of this display.


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