Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dave McDonald Visit and a Terrific Bone

Making a character by simply drawing ovals and circles
Hey there and middle-of-August greetings to all reader guys everywhere. We had a great time with author/illustrator Dave McDonald yesterday. He's very cool, a lot of fun and the author and illustrator of the Hamster S.A.M. books. (see my review here) We had a really good time. First he told us a little bit about himself, then about comics and graphic novels in general. Then he took us on a fun adventure, showing us how to create our own comics. It was amazing because he showed us that we could make very cool comics using simple shapes. First he showed us how to create one by drawing an oval. Be adding smaller ovals and lines, we created Super Egg characters flying at super speed! Of course, being GUYS, one of us created a MONSTER EGG!
The Monster Egg!
Then he showed how to make super heroes with simple shapes and finally made a very cool character in 20 seconds by drawing a square! (if you ever see Mr. McDonald, be sure to ask him about the friendly hairy monster in the ice cream tree forest and the evil Mr. Melty) As I said, we all had a very good time and even learned a lot. Thanks, Mr. McDonald! If he ever comes to another library near you, be sure to see him.

When he talked about graphic novels, he mentioned the Bone series, one of the best ever created.(find out what we've written about them  here) There's a great new edition of the first book in the series. It's Out from Boneville: Tribute Edition by Jeff Smith. Why is it a Tribute Edition? Because Scholastic book publisher kicked off its Grpahix line by printing the first full-color versions of the Bone graphic novels. This one has the Out from Boneville story, a preview of the second book plus a new original piece by Jeff Smith and several pages of artwork inspired by Bone done by famous artists and illustrators. I couldn't think of a better gn to check out for the long-time or first-time Bone reader. Don't miss it, boys!

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