Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May the Fourth be With You--2016

Greetings, guys and guess what day it is? Come on, you'll never guess! Come on, I bet you'll never guess in a hundred...Wait a minute, that thing off to the left might give you a clue.

Of course today is May 4 and it's STAR WARS Day! What a great day. Every guy I know loves Star Wars. And wasn't The Force Awakens a terrific movie? You bet!

Well, there are so many Star Wars books and graphic novels out there that we could probably fill an Imperial Battle Cruiser with them but I'm going to tell you about only one--a good SW graphic novel. It's Star Wars: The Original Trilogy by---well, it's by a lot of artists but the manuscript adaptation is by Alessandro Ferrari. This graphic novel covers all three of the original movies--A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi.

I won't summarize the story because just about everyone knows it--and probably knows it by heart! This graphic novel does it justice. The artwork and the story stay true to the movies, unfolding scene by scene and even line by line from the originals. And, yes, all the excitement, the battles, the high-speed chases, the incredible interiors of space ships, and the cosmic drama of Luke, Vader and the Emperor are here. The artwork is first-class and, as I said, the writing stays close to the original story, which hardly needs any improving. Anyone who enjoyed those original three movies will enjoy this.
Now, this graphic novel isn't perfect. In fact, it had one major flaw that didn't ruin it for me but kept me from enjoying as much as I could have. You can see it (sort of) on the picture of the book's cover. Look at the way they drew Luke, Leia and Han. You see those big eyes on Luke and Leia? And that long chin on Han Solo? It makes them look too cartoonish. At least it did for me. It may not bother you. In any case, however, don't let that stop you from checking this out. It's really good. I liked it. You will too.
The Iron Guy says, "Read it you should. Enjoy it you will."
One more thing. On last year's May the Fourth post, I showed the trailer for The Force Awakens. Well, guess what--there's going to be a new Star wars movie this December!! It's called Rogue One and here's the trailer:

Can't wait!

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