Friday, July 1, 2016

Big Fun With Big Nate!

Hey, guys, I hope you're all enjoying the summer. The Iron Guy certainly does. Even though summer is busy at the library and it gets miserably hot in Charlotte during June, July and August, the summer always has that laid back, let's-all-have-fun vibe that I love. So, in the spirit of fun, I decided to check out some Big Nate books. I see those things get checked in and out, in and out, all the time. This has been going on for quite a while. So, after seeing these books keep coming through the checkout line, I figured they must be really good. So I found three of them and guess what??

I'm Charlotte's newest Big Nate fan!!

These books are great! Truly terrific! They are funny, funny, funny. The story lines are fun and the characters are believable--well, in a cartoonish sort of way. I picked out three books at random and here they are:

Big Nate: Mr. Popularity (all of these books are by Lincoln Peirce)

Big Nate running for class president??!! What a goofball idea. But then, the election results might surprise you! Along the way, you'll learn Big Nate's basketball game prep, what happens between Nate and Jenny (could it be looovve?) and why Nate's dad never got Nate a wallet. And you'll laugh the whole time.

Big Nate Lives It Up

A new kid comes to P.S. 38, Nate's school, and the principal assigns Nate to be his "buddy" and show him around the school--but this kid is the complete opposite of Nate and how will they ever get along? And Nate keeps thinking he's met this kid before. Then there are 100-year-old cartoons, Randy and his fellow bullies and a massive scavenger hunt with a most unexpected find. THEN NATE REMEMBERS when he met the new kid before--and it's not pleasant...

Big Nate Makes the Grade

Ah, the first day back at school! Is it a chance to start a year of fresh possibilities or for Nate to re-enter "my own personal chamber of horrors"?
He finds out pretty quickly when he hands in homework with Cheese Doodle dust on in it, has "Hot Feet Syndrome" and tries to tell jokes during school announcements. Plus the teacher's reaction when Nate shows him where he created his art homework. Plus the surprising things he does in the chess tournament. (well, thy're normal for Nate!)

I tell you, I have become totally hooked by this little guy with his big mouth, big attitude and big capacity for getting into trouble! I see now why all the kids keep checking out these books. Guys, this is your chance for great fun. If you haven't read Big Nate, then run down to your local library and check out some before everyone else does. And if you are already a fan of Nate Wright, then go to the "Comments" section under this post and tell about the books you've read.

And I hope all of you have a great fourth of July weekend! I know I've said this before but it's worth saying again--don't  forget that we we live in a country in which you are free to read what you like. Which is not true everywhere on earth. I recently listened to an audiobook in which a woman decided to travel the old Silk Road route from China to Italy. Part of the route took her through a central Asian country ruled by a dictator. The capital city had a big modern library and the shelves were full, only they were full of copies of one book--a biography of the dictator, written by the dictator! Boys, remember to celebrate your right to read this weekend. Head to your library! Read widely! Read what you like. Read something you've never looked at before. Read people you agree with. Read people you don't agree with. Read something fun. Read something challenging. Always remember--




Greg Pattridge said...

BIG NATE is popular everywhere. Fun pictures with often silly plots but kids and a few big kids like me enjoy them all. I may have to read one today to celebrate the freedom to read anything. Thanks for the reminder.

Iron Guy Carl said...

Don't mention it. Enjoy your independence and enjoy Big Nate.

Books4Learning said...

I have not read any of these books yet. However, my reluctant reading child used to read them, so that says something positive for them. :)

Iron Guy Carl said...

You'd enjoy them. Grownups will laugh as much as the kids.