Wednesday, November 1, 2017

And Another Boy Steps Up to the Plate!

Yes, indeed, everybody, the contest keeps getting more exciting by the minute! Just as the Dodgers knocked in some runs in the sixth and seventh innings to win and force tonight's game # 7, so we've had a new boy send in reviews in the late innings of this game. His name is Aaryan and we're thrilled to have him on board. Let's see what he has read and liked lately:

Kid’s Guide to Camping by Cherie Winner
They gave very good info about the book and I like the pictures very much.  I like the book Kid’s Guide to Camping. The book is very good because it gave a lot of info about camping and they kept the book very organized. They gave very good info about the book and I like the pictures very much. The author did a very good job on getting the ideas like beware of snakes and what to do if it rains. Ha gave the book a very good name because it gave a very good hint what the story is about. That is why I like the book Kid’s Guide to Camping so much!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Old School by Jeff Kinney
One of my favorite books are Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. They are one of my favorites because I like how they illustrate the book and I like the speech bubbles. There grandpa make the story very interesting because in the book Greg almost died. They gave the characters very good names and the title gives a good hint what the story is about. In the book they make it funny that the kids have to go to camp because somebody’s tooth gets stuck in Rowley’s forehead. It was very funny when Rodrick’s van runs out of gas so Greg’s grandpa goes and gets gas and by that time the car falls in a ditch. I like how they solved the problem by Gregs dad starting the whole Silas Scratch thing but the myth still continues in the book about him and Greg was never scared of him again. That’s why I like this book a lot.

Thanks, Aaryan! We truly appreciate these reviews. Both of these books sound really good! Lots of boys enjoy camping and it's good to have the right info about it--especially if it  rains! And having to go to camp because a tooth got stuck in somebody's forehead--there must be good story behind that! (hmmm, do I sense a camping theme here?) I bet there are other boys out there who'd like to read these books too!

Anyway, let's tally up Aaryan's score. He sent in two reviews that were worth one point each, so that gives him two points! Good work, Aaryan! Glad you joined our contest.


Just yesterday we received a new book signed by the author. It's Guardians of the Gryphon's Claw by Todd Calgi Gallicano.

He sent us a signed copy to give away in the contest.
So now it's the second place prize. Click here to see what the first-place and other prizes are.

OK, boys, the innings are winding down but there's still time! Send in those reviews by midnight tonight! It may be tomorrow before I can post them but I will get them up and maybe even determine the winners. Step right into that batter's box, guys! All  the world is holding its breath to see the final scores of the MLB World Series and the World Series of Reading Contest!

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