Friday, August 20, 2010

Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen... one terrific book! It's a quick read, the story moves right along, and there's enough action, suspense, and surprises to satisfy any guy. If you really enjoy reading, this is the book for you. If you're what the grownups call a reluctant reader (which means you'd rather take a beating with a very large tree limb than pick up a book), then this book is also for you!

Here's the story--It's the time of the American Revolutionary War. 13-year-old Samuel lives with his parents in a little settlement in the Pennsylvania woods. They've heard stories of British soldiers attacking Concord, but that seems a long way off. Then, one day while he's out hunting, Samuel sees a column of smoke. When he realizes it's coming from where his home would be, he runs back to find...well, you'll just have to read to find out!! But I guarantee that you'll get caught up in the action!! This book grabs hold of you and makes you sit down and turn pages until the very end. You REALLY want to know what happens to our young hero. And, when you see what he goes through, you'll understand how much of a hero he becomes! Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen--this is one that you should not miss!!

BTW, I'd recommend this book to our older reader guys. War is, by its nature, rough and brutal and the Revolutionary War was one of the roughest and most brutal. Although there isn't much graphic violence, what you read is startling. And some of it is very sad. That what war is, guys, and we do well to remember that.

And we also do well to remember the sacrifices that people like Samuel made. Even though this is a fictional story, there were a great many brave people who endured hardships in the Revolutionary War. We have the right to read what we like because of them. Don't forget!!


Pragmatic Mom said...

I haven't read Woods Runner but I have read two of Gary Paulsen's books and he's a really great author for reluctant readers and otherwise! I was glad to learn more about Woods Runner. Thanks for your post!

ps great blog. you are on my blog roll! we both share a passion for getting kids to read!

Willow said...

Great review! I've been wanting a book for boys with lots of action (well, I like them too) and this one sounds great. Also, I went to Amazon and read an excerpt--excellent writing, so I'm looking forward to reading it.