Wednesday, October 13, 2010

AXEL (and Others) Get Their Lost Hero Prizes!

Hey, ho, guys! We had a great time yesterday with our Find the Lost Hero game. Nine kids showed up and braved the dangers of the library, including the Nefarious Nonfiction, the Biography Bastions, and the Card Catalogs of Doom to complete their quests. Actually, what really happened was that each kid got a game sheet and followed the clues on the sheet to complete the game. Fortunately, I got a picture of one of the brave and noble searchers and it was none other than our good friend AXEL SIMONE!! Here he is with some of his prizes:They're hard to see but they are a library pencil, a card that advertises the Z. Rex book, and a pin for a book called Zombiekins. It turns out that we had a copy of the book in the ultracool prize box, so I gave him a copy, expecting that he send in a review.Congratulations, AXEL, and everyone else! We hope to have more fun events at the Myers Park Library in the future!
BTW, here are the covers for the Z. Rex and the Zombiekins books:

AXEL started the Zombiekins book and says it's funny. Let us know how liked it, bro!!

1 comment:

axel simone said...

zombiekins by kevin bolger
funniest book ever.
i loved it.
stanley buys zombiekins at a yard sale.
zombiekins starts a zombie plague.
all heck breaks loose cant say much more other than see ya