Saturday, October 23, 2010

AXEL Reviews Zombiekins!

Last week our good friend AXEL SIMONE participated in the Find the Lost Hero game and got his prizes but, since he is a regular reviewer, he knew about our ultracool giveaway box. He found a preview copy of Zombiekins by Kevin Bolger and I agreed to let him have it if he'd send us a review. Well, being the totally dedicated reader guy that he is, he just sent us his review:

zombiekins by kevin bolger
funniest book ever.

i loved it.
stanley buys zombiekins at a yard sale. zombiekins starts a zombie plague.
all heck breaks loose cant say much more other than see ya

Thanks, AXEL! This book sounds really funny. Another good friend (and Honorary Guy),Ms. Yingling, reviewed it on her blog. There are plenty of copies in the system, so go get one and tell what you think!

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