Wednesday, November 3, 2010

THANKS to Mr. H and Mr. Westerfeld!!

Oh, man! Oh, MAN!! This is just TOO COOL!! Our brother bloggers at the SMS Guys Read blog were lucky enough to have Scott Westerfeld, author of Leviathan and Behemoth, visit their school on 10-22. (They wrote about it on their blog--take a look here) I had commented on their blog that I wished I could have been there and they took pity on me and sent me a momento of Mr. Westerfeld's visit. And it arrived just today! Here it is--a signed copy of some of the artwork from Leviathan:,The guys from the SMS Guys Read also signed the envelope:

One signed himself "Super Extremely Awesome Guy." I think that describes all of you! Especially you, Mr. H. And most especially you, Mr. Westerfeld! Leviathan is an amazing book and I'm looking forward to getting into Behemoth. (It's next on my list after Erec Rex) Thanks again, everybody!

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Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Wow! That is awesome squared! Westerfeld is definitely a stand up guy. :)