Friday, November 26, 2010

The Old Book Prospector Strikes Gold AGAIN with Erec Rex!

HOWDY, PARDNERS! It's yore friend, the Old Book Prospector. Even though I'm at a new ranch, I mean branch, I'm out there all the time, digging up great books for boys. I'm here to tell you that I've struck pay dirt once again!! This time it's Erec Rex: The Three Furies by Kaza Kingsley. This is one terrific, book, I tell ya---more adventure than searching for lost gold and more humor than even a hyena could laugh at! It kept me up many a night around the campfire. Why, I even let my prospecting tools get all rusty because I couldn't tear myself away from this here book.

Yep, I'd say that The Three Furies is one of my best best picks.

One of my best PICKS!! Get it!!! Hee, hee, hee, that's a regular knee-slapper!!

Yeah, yeah, Prospector, go tell your jokes to the coyotes.

Hey, guys, it's Carl again. All silliness aside, The Three Furies really is one terrific book!! The great Kaza Kingsley has written another unbelievable addition to the Erec Rex saga and this may be the best one yet.

Erec is now 14. He's completed five of the quests he needs to become one of the three kings of the Kingdom of the Keepers. The problem is that Thanatos Baskania, the Shadow Prince, has captured his best friend Bethany and is combing her mind to find the Final Magic that will enable him to dominate the world--or destroy it. But that's not the worst of it--Baskania has made a deal with the Three Furies who have been imprisoned in Tartarus for thousands of years. He's agreed to release them if they will serve him. But can even he, as powerful as he is, hope to stop the Furies once they're free? And what can Erec possibly do against such overwhelming forces?? I mean it, if you like fantasy, adventure, danger and humor, then you will completely and totally enjoy The Three Furies.

One more thing--if you want guys want to stop reading here, you can do it. Some guys just want to find out if a book is any good or not. If you're one of those, you could stop right now--especially if you're going out the door to get this book. But if you don't mind my going into a little more depth, then keep reading.

I've said this before with all the Erec Rex reviews but let me say it again. What separates a good fantasy story from the really great one? It's the sense of wonder. That means the feeling of living in a place that's so overwhelmingly beautiful or scary or magical (or all of the above) that it makes you stop and say, "Wooww!" Not many stories do that. There are lots and lots of good, exciting fantasy stories out there and I enjoy them all, but very few of them give me that sense of wonder. The Lord of the Rings did and so did the Percy Jackson books. And so does Erec Rex. That's why I get so excited about them. Guys, you just have to visit his world to believe it. You won't soon forget what it's like in The Nightmare Realm, nor will you enter a place as dangerous as Baskania's fortress. It still creeps me out whenever I see all those eyes sink back into Baskania's body and the brief visits to the beautiful lands of Otherness take my breath away. These glimpses into wonder keep me coming back for more and more. I bet you'll feel the same. Besides, Ms. Kingsley tells one great story! Don't miss this one, guys! Or any of the others. But let me give you a hint--it's probably best to read the other books first. This book will make more sense that way. But I don't think you'll mind--reading the other three is better than a Cloud Cream treat!!

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