Friday, September 23, 2011

Michael, the Guy Full of Surprises

This is amazing! Our good friend Michael (King of Books and Time Travel) has been sending us first-class reviews for a long time. But now I find out something new about him--not only has he been reading books, he's been writing them!! He recently sent me a preview of a book he wrote about two boys who fall into another dimension. Here you go:

Chapter 5
The two boys came out of the portal almost as fast as they had fallen in. They were immediately flying through a clear blue sky. It looked like they had nothing to fear; the portal only lead outside.
Yes, that’s what it looked like.
Almost without warning, Ben and Jack left the sky and fell through a forest of pine trees.
“Ooh, ah, ouch!”
Ben came out of the trees first. The trees had slowed his fall so that he wasn’t seriously hurt, but he still felt pain.
Ben laid there for a minute. “Uuuugh...”
Then Jack landed directly on top of him.
“AH!” Ben screamed, more pain coming through.
After recuperating, the two boys got up and looked around. They were in a forest, all right, but it looked just like Earth. There were no forests anywhere near where Ben and Jack lived. Where were they?
“Maybe it’s North Carolina,” Jack guessed. “They have lots of forests there.”
“Who knows where we are?” Ben snapped, scared. “We could be in Washington for all we know!”
“Don’t be silly,” Jack said. “D.C. doesn’t have any forests.”
Ben sighed, annoyed.
“Well,” he finally concluded, “we might as well start walking. Pretty soon we’ll come to a police station or something.”
“Maybe Jen and Ellie have called someone to come get us, like the Navy.”
“The Navy? Jack, you do know we’re in the middle of a forest, right?”
Just then, two small objects came falling through the trees. The two boys examined them.
“Put this in your ear,” both objects said in synchronization.
The two boys did so.
“Those are communication devices,” came a voice in their ears. “This is Jennifer.”
The boys immediately brightened.
“Hey, Jenny.” “Wassup, Jen?”
“Jennifer will be just fine, thank you.”
“I think things are in order for an explanation here, Jen,” said Ben.
“It’s JENNIF— oh, fine.”
The boys smiled.
Jennifer explained. “You’ve fallen into another dimension.”
“What?!? NO!”
“Yes, it’s true. It’s a very dangerous place. Ellie and I can use our computers to make dimensional warps and time warps, but they happen naturally all the time. Be extremely careful.”
The boys pondered this. Would Ellie and Jennifer make up a tale like this just to get the boys off their case?
They looked at each other for a moment, and then Jack said, “It has to be true.”
“How do you know?” Ben asked.
“A story that ridiculous can’t be made up.”
Suddenly, a distant voice called, “Hello!”
“Someone’s coming!” Ben cried.
“Play it cool, guys,” Jennifer advised. “Whatever you do, don’t ru—”
“RUN!” Jack yelled.
Pretty good, Michael! Can't wait to find out what happens next! There's action and laughs here--just what every reader guy wants! BTW, do you all know that Michael is the second guy to send us a preview of a book? That's right--another reader and writer guy (who calls himself Dark Omen) sent us a copy back in November. Check out that post here.
This is great!! Keep those reviews and surprises coming!

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