Monday, September 19, 2011

A New Friend Tells Us About a Truly Terrific Book!

I'm always excited when a new reader guy sends us a review and today a new friend, mathfan, has written to us for the very first time. He's going to tell us about a book that I really enjoyed. Let's hear it, mathfan!


Imagine flying horses, goat men, and horsemen hovering around your cabin as you came out for breakfast. This is what it would feel like to be in the Lost Hero. Through my many years of reading, I have enjoyed many books, but the Lost Hero by Rick Riordan stands out.

The nail-biting fast-paced action, in-depth details, and the hints of Greek Mythology in Rick Riordan’s The Lost Hero impresses me immensely. The action is spread out all over the book; for example, Jason (the main character) and the sky-spirit Dylan battle it out in hand-to-hand combat. Another instance occurs when Jason impulsively jumps off of the edge of the skywalk to go save Piper, who falls off by mistake. When Jason jumps, he finds out his amazing power of being able to fly.

Given the fact that the book involves Greek gods, centaurs (horse people), and satyrs (goat people), I am instantaneously fascinated. Also, the really in-depth details bring these characters to life. For example, let’s describe the satyr. The satyr is half goat and half human. If you have friends who have really long hair (to cover their horns), always wear pants (to cover their goat legs), and eats cans and tin foil, you are likely to have a satyr on your hands. I like those characters because I am fascinated with Greek Mythology.

Another aspect of the book that I am fascinated about is the fiction and fantasy and that it is not like a boring history textbook. Rick Riordan is able to also push the limits by making fantasy sound like reality. For example, the setting of Camp Half-Blood may seem like a fantasy if someone else describes it, but the author makes the place seem like home. Camp Half-Blood is full of people in different cabins and is full of weird goat people. The Apollo Cabin practices archery and the Hephaestus cabin makes a celestial bronze sword. Jason thinks, “There is no way I can fit in here.” But he just has to wait and see. This is how the fiction and fantasy affects the book.

Having always enjoyed reading Rick Riordan’s books, I know that he is always going to be in the Hall Of Fame for writers. As you climb back into bed, overwhelmed with the sights, you now know all about the animals that live on the made-up land, of The Lost Hero.

Thanks, mathfan! I've always enjoyed Rick Riordan's books too and The Lost Hero is indeed full of "nail-biting fast-action." AND---did you know the next book in the series comes out soon? Like on October 4? Like in only fifteen days?? It's called The Son of Neptune and I can't wait!! And did you know you can read the first chapter online? You can go to the Heroes of Olympus website and click on the Sneak Peek icon. (although I had trouble getting it to work today) You can go the library's website at and reserve your copy if you live in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg county area. Or visit your local library or bookstore if you're out of town. Either way, be sure to get The Son of Neptune. From what I've read of the Sneak Peek, this one will be every bit as good as The Lost Hero.

Thanks, again, mathfan! I enjoyed your review. Let us hear from you again soon.

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