Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Michael Sends Us Even More Reviews of Cool Books for Guys!

Greetings to all you reader guys out there! I'm sorry I haven't posted lately but life at the library has been especially busy. That's good because it means lots of people are using us, but it also means the Iron Guy doesn't get to write about terrific books as much as he'd like. Fortunately, there are faithful friends like Michael who keep us up to date on the latest and greatest reads. Let's hear what he has liked lately:

The 39 Clues: Cahills Vs. Vespers, book 3
In the Dead of the Night
by Peter Lerangis
Amy, Dan, Jake, and Atticus continue their quest to stop Vesper One. He's sent them to get another item, but this time he hasn't given them any clues as to what it is! Or has he? Could their be a hint hiding in his message? Also, Dan continues to struggle with what to say to his dad's recent text. How do you respond to someone who's been alive for nine years and never told you? Also, Erasmus reveals that Arthur Trent was a Vesper... which means he's still a Vesper. But there's one other possibility too... is it really Arthur Trent sending those texts, or another Vesper? Meanwhile, the Wyomings are out to kill Atticus because he's something called a Guardian. Will they get their way? Jonah and Hamilton are also looking for clues to stop Vesper One in other places, but they're not making much progress. The seven hostages are growing close to crazy, but they make an idea to escape. Will they succeed? Lastly, Ian Kabra, finally examining that burnt paper from book 1, finds something worth looking in to, but that means he must visit a person that no reader or Cahill ever wanted to see again. For excitement and suspense, this book delivers! Much better than book 2! Look for book 4: Shatterproof, by Roland Smith, coming in September, and watch for the movie saga beginning in 2014!

Mal and Chad, book 2
Food Fight!
by Stephen McCraine
The two friends are back in this all-new adventure! Chad keeps having nightmares that a giant lion is biting off his tail. This concerns Mal, so he invents a machine that can enter Chad's dreams so they can take down this monster. But is it possible for dream objects to come to the real world too? Meanwhile, Mal wants Megan's attention (apparently nothing became of their relationship from book 1), so he decides to make a club. But did he make the wrong decision by making Zachary club leader. Also, laughter abounds as Mal creates and invisibility spray, and his mother mistakes it for hair spray! This thrilling, incredibly well-drawn, and laugh-out-loud comic book will have readers off all ages entertained until the very last page. Also, be sure to read the daily web-comic at!
Michael Lanier
Pianist, guitarist, banjoist, autoharpist, jaw harpist, Ukeist
Thanks, Michael! I just checked out In the Dead of Night and it looks good already! Like all the 39 Clues books, this grabbed me right away. And I never heard of Mal and Chad, so I'm definitely going to check them out. How about YOU? Have YOU read either of these two? Did you like them? Hit that "Comment" button and send us YOUR own review!

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