Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why Did the Iron Guy Cross the Road?

To get to the library and check out these great joke books! Yes, these books will keep you in stitches--just like Frankenstein after visiting the Mad Doctor!! A--HAHAHA!!! Frankenstein--stitches--get it??? As Foghorn Leghorn would say,

And that joke plus a whole bunch more are in these terrific books:

Laughapalooza Joke Book by Kitty Richards; based on the Phineas and Ferb TV series created byDan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh

You Must Be Joking Two! Even Cooler Jokes Plus 11 1/2 Tips for Laughing Yourself into Your Own Stand-Up comedy Routine--written and illustrated by Paul Brewer

The Biggest Joke Book Ever (No Kidding!) by Michael Pellowski

There are lots and lots and lots of jokes in these books. For example:

"Why don't mummies go on vacation?"
"They are afraid to relax and unwind." (from Laughapalooza)

"How did the convict use his computer to break out of prison?"
"He hit the escape key." (from You Must be Joking Two)

"What did the boa say to the python?"
"I have a crush on you." (from The Biggest Joke Book Ever)

Don't those jokes just make you slap your knee??!!?? AND you don't have to worry about telling them because they are (as the back of The Biggest Joke Book Ever says) "clean, never mean (or obscene), good for the bean, the funniest jokes you've ever seen!" Plus, You Must Be Joking Two has a whole section on how to tell jokes and The Biggest Joke Book Ever has a good sidebar about that on page 99. I guarantee that after reading these books, you'll be the funniest guy in your neighborhood--your school--even your entire state!

Yes, if you read these books, you won't ever have to worry about almost making a joke like our good friend Foghorn. So check these out and Make 'Em Laugh! (and sorry for the Movie Trailers ad at the end)

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