Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Michael's Last Word on The Shadow Children

Our good friend Michael has given us the lowdown on the last two Shadow Children books by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Did he like them or not? Let's see:

The Shadow Children Sequence, book 6
Among the Enemy
by Margaret Peterson Haddix
You may remember Matthias, all the way back from Among the Betrayed. Well, he's the main character in this book. After his friends Percy and Alia are hurt and then go missing, Matthias absentmindedly saves the life of a Population Police officer, landing himself a job in the Population Police! But when he discovers that he has friends there, he takes part in a plot to completely ruin the Population Police's plan for destroying third children. This is most definitely the most exciting book in the series. Two shootouts (one in a speeding car), a poisoning, and an explosion! This book is the best one, even though I'm still not a big fan of switching main characters.

The Shadow Children Sequence, book 7
Among the Free
by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Luke, working undercover for the Population Police, is ordered to shoot an old lady in front of a village. When he drops the gun and runs away, his action is misunderstood as rebellion, and the villagers fight back. This sets off a chain of events that eventually overthrows the Population Police! The country is free! But Luke never suspects that people might hate third children after all, not to mention: how long can a country stand without a government? For an additional problem, Luke has to overcome a kind-of friend, and you're not going to like who it is. I must say, this book is pretty good, if not predictable. It has its boring spots, but overall, it's good for reading. And that wraps up my reviews on the Shadow Children Sequence. A new book review is to come soon!

Michael Lanier
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Thanks, Michael! We always like your honest reviews. Sometimes you have to wait a while before a series gets good. How about you, all you reading fans? Have you read these books? Do you agree with Michael? Or not? Write in and let us know!
Well, I hope you are enjoying the summer and have a great Fourth!!!

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