Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Old Friends and a New Friend

Hey all you summer-living, vacation-enjoying, terrific-book-reading guys! Iron Guy Carl here. Summer is a great time of year--lots of fun things to do and time time to read some truly cool books. We have two reader guys who have taken time to tell us about stuff they've read and liked. The first is our old friend Sammer. Let's see what he's read:

I'm here to tell you about Chasing Vermeer. It is a story about two kids who live in Chicago where a Vermeer painting has been stolen so they try to find it where the Government failed. It is a great book and guys out there should read it.

Thanks, Sammer! A lot of guys have written in the past and told us about that book--check out the "Chasing Vermeer" tab under this post and see.

Then another faithful friend, Michael, has sent us a good review of an interesting book:

Bridge of Time
by Lewis Buzbee
Joan and Lee are best friends in eighth grade. When the last field trip of the year is a tour of ultra-boring Fort Point, the two sneak into the lighthouse and take a nap. They wake up in 1864, with a man named Sam. Sam holds some secrets as to why they're there, what's going on, and who he is. I think the book was pretty average: could've been better, could've been worse. I'm not a fan of Joan and Lee hating their parents, and I also don't like their names: Joan Lee and Lee Jones. A little lazy on the author's part. This book supports the theory that a few people can become unstuck in time, floating around from one time to another, and that they can control it somewhat, until they become restuck in their own time. A bit unrealistic, but legitimate enough. All in all? It's worth reading.

And thank you too, Michael! You have always found good stuff and tell us exactly what you think. Guys appreciate your manly honesty!

Then we have a new friend, mphuff, who has written to us about some books that guys like:
I really like the Alex Rider books. I like them because there's a lot of action. There are a lot of cool gadgets. I also like IQ because it's about a bunch of spies that have to stop terrorists.

Thanks to you also, mphuff! We used to hear a lot about the Alex Rider books, but you're the first to tell us about the IQ series. I have to say, with a shame-faced expression, that I've never read any of the books in either series. They sound good, though, and I may have to check out some. And I want to remind you, mphuff, that you can come to the Myers Park library and claim a free book for writing your first review for us. And that goes for all reader guys! So if you've never sent us a review, go ahead and do it now! We LOVE hearing about great reads!

So keep reading and writing and enjoying summer!

(PS--Summer is a great time, but it's also very busy for us library guys. So if you send a review and don't see it posted right away, don't worry--I'll put it up here for as soon as I can)

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