Thursday, December 5, 2013

You're Never Too Old for Battle Bunny!

Even though the holiday season is upon us and Thanksgiving is past, I'm still thankful for great writers like Jon Scieszka and Mac Barnett who consistently give guys hilarious books. Mr. Scieszka has, of course, made us laugh and thrill with the Time Warp Trio series and also The Stinky Cheese Man. Mac Barnett has earned his Guy Reading stars with the Brixton Brothers mysteries as well as Count the Monkeys. This time they've combined their tremendous talents (along with marvelous illustrator Matthew Myers) and given us Battle Bunny, one of the most fun and original things I've read in a long time.

Here's what you need to know before you start--this book has not been messed up!!! Some one did not come into the library and go crazy with a Sharpie! The idea is that this book was originally one of the sugary-sweet, cutesy-wootsy picture books about a sweet little bunny on his birthday--the kind of book that's OK to get when you're four years old. However, some good-intentioned grandmother gave it to a boy named Alex, who is obviously too old for it. Yet the grandmother apparently still thinks he's four! Alex, who is a good boy I'm sure, probably received it graciously but quickly got tired of it, went to his room, crossed out parts and wrote his own story in there. And what a story it is--just the kind any GUY would like!! The cute little bunny is now Battle Bunny and starts off through the woods (chopping through the woods instead of hopping through them), mentally enslaving the other woodland animals in his evil plan to take over the world. No one can stop him!! The president is desperate and calls the one person who may be tough enough to end the evil scheme-and that person is ALEX! But can he fight off all the other woodland animals?? Will battle Bunny actually dominate the world??

YOU HAVE GOT TO READ THIS, GUYS! It's funny!! Don't worry that it's in the picture book section; you'll be really glad once you find it. Go and check out Battle Bunny--before he comes and chops through your woods!


liane Carter said...

Hee hee. Love it. 'Pluck you like a sick chicken!' Makes you want to go deface a younger kid's book and turn into an adventure. Thank you. :)

Iron Guy Carl said...

Only if it's YOUR copy and not the library's! So which book would you choose? And I've heard there's a website with a blank copy of the Birthday Bunny book that you can deface! have you seen it? I haven't but I'll look. And have you voted on the latest poll--the one with Battle Bunny and Barbarian Battle Bear?

Liane Carter said...

Gosh, sacrilege! Library books are one the best presents we have in life. Of course it would be my copy. I'd love to play with The Gruffalo. I'm a MG adventure/fantasy reader and writer so you had me inspired with your question and I went off and had great fun with the first page of a Roald Dahl book. He's so fantastic anyway - one of my favourites in the whole wide world :) - so you start with such a strong story in the first place. It pushes you to funny, magical inventions. Thank you.
What a great idea having that blank copy to deface. Gives me an idea for my kids' writing workshops. Thank you. Ooh the vote is a toughie.

Iron Guy Carl said...

Is it like The Lady or the Tiger?

Liane Carter said...

Ooh yum. No. I wouldn't want to kill the king and if he'd rather choose the girl behind the door, he'd be crazy. I'm full of fun and he'd miss all that. :) It's more like, 'Ooh, who do I vote for because I don't want to hurt either of their feelings.' Although I have a soft spot for the guy on your back because he's so darn cute and is full of fun and devilishness, and I love that picture. It's just that the rabbit hasn't done anything to not gain my vote. However, I've cast my vote.
And I have to admit I couldn't deface a Roald Dahl, I had to do it in pencil and even then it pinched at my nerves to do that to a book so I had to continue on a separate sheet of paper. After all, books are best.:)

Iron Guy Carl said...

Yes, indeed they are. Tell all your friends to vote too--I've extended the time.