Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This Turkey Is Thankful for Great Guys and Gals!

Yes, guys, this blog has a lot of great and good people who've supported us over the years but I'd like to highlight three in particular. The first is Michael, who has been telling about terrific books for--well, it's been a very long time!! He's been sending first-rate reviews for so long that I've lost count of the years. He always finds the coolest books and gives us the straight scoop about what he's read, not being afraid to say if a book's good or not. Thanks, Michael!!!

The second is Sammer. You may have seen his recent interview with author T. A. Barron. That was truly a great achievement! He has also told us about good reads for a long time and we really appreciate it.

The third is the wonderful Ms. Yingling.  She's a middle school librarian who runs the Ms. Yingling Reads bog and has written back and forth to us for many, many years, supported guy reading with a weekly Guy Friday section on her blog and even let me interview her earlier this year. Many, many thanks!!

And to all the 110 followers of this blog, to all the great Charlotte Mecklenburg Library staff who support this blog, my friends Bill in Columbia, SC and Fred in Lynchburg, VA, the people at Eastover Elementary School who work with the Read to Achieve club and to all the authors who give us these terrific books I say-----


Have a good Thanksgiving, everyone.


Banjo Boy said...

It’s been five years since this post, and I’m 22 now, but I just found this post, and I’m so happy to see that this blog is still current! Thanks for giving me something to do while I was a wierd middle and highschooler! It really meant a lot to me at the time, and it boosted my confidence to speak out on stuff and express my honest thoughts to anyone. Thanks for the years of enjoyment, and I hope this blog continues for a very long time! Happy reading, all!
—Michael Lanier

Iron Guy Carl said...

Thanks, Micahel! it's really good to hear from you. Yes, the blog is still going on but will move to a new location soon.