Saturday, May 24, 2014

--and a Challenge for All You Reader Guys!

All  right, here it is. I want to see if any of you reader guys have the stuff. If you're MANLY enough. If  you could tough it out. If so, then read 3 hours during the 48 Hour Book Challenge weekend. If you do, there's a PRIZE  waiting for you!! Yes, if you read 3 hours, you could get a free book or an item out of the ultra-cool prize box that the Iron Guy keeps for worthy reader guys like you. (as you can see, we have mostly books but there are also a few other things in there) And if you read 6 hours, you get TWO books or a book AND an item! If you you read 9, you get three things out of the box. And if you actually read 12 hours, like the Iron Guy, you get these two very cool Laser Challenge Pro battery-powered guns.

Sound good to you? Then read at least 3 hours over the weekend of June 6--8. (You actually have from 7:00 am on June 6 until 7:00 am on June 9) It doesn't matter what you read--it could be fiction or graphic novels or nonfiction or a biography. After you read, send me notice of your reading time by writing in the Comment section under any of the  posts I'll make that weekend. (yes, I get to spend some of the time blogging about my progress on the 48 hour Book Challenge)  You could come by the Myers Park library after that weekend to claim your prize or prizes. If you live too far away, send me a mailing address (I won't publish it) and I'll find a way to get prizes to you.

Wait a minute---

I know full well that there are some sneaky people out there. Some people who would only claim to have read 3, 6, 9 or 12 hours to try and cheat me into giving prizes. None of our regular reader guys would do that, of course, because honesty is a MANLY virtue, but we all know that dishonest people live in cyberspace. Who knows? You could be--

 one of the scheming members of the Lucian clan

 or a HYDRA agent trying to infiltrate our ranks

or even a disguised agent of KAOS.

SO--to keep things honest, whenever you send me the amount of time you've read, you must also send a REVIEW (or reviews) of the book or books or graphic novels you've read!! Does that sound tough? Well, the Iron Guy IS tough and I bet you are too! Besides, you'll be providing a valuable service to all the other reader guys. Writing your review will let other guys know about great reading, which is one of the purposes of this blog.

SO, when you write your review, you need to include four things:
A brief synopsis of what you've read (and I do mean brief--some guys have spent way too many sentences telling us the plot)
And why you did or didn't like what you read. (don't just say, "I enjoyed this book." Tell us WHY you liked or didn't like it)

OK, guys, you've got 2 weeks to prepare. Get to the library nearest you (or to your school library) and find some good stuff. Spend some time reading that weekend of June 6-8. You could win some cool things!

Look forward to hearing from you then!

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