Thursday, May 22, 2014

Unstoppable: Countdown--More 39 Clues Thrills!

As I said in a post back in my February 27 post, everything stops when a new 39 Clues book comes out. And there's a good reason--these books are full of action, suspense and exotic locations. Plus more than a few laughs. Just the kind of things guys are looking for in their books. And Unstoppable: Countdown by Natalie Standiford is another sure-fire winner in this third series of the adventures of the Cahill clan.

Amy and Dan Cahill, along with their friends Jake and Atticus Rosenbloom, are on their way to Guatemala to find the next ingredient for the Cahill serum antidote and it's tremendously important that they find all the ingredients. Why? Because J. Rutherford Pierce, the media giant, has taken the Cahill serum and become the strongest, cleverest and most charming person on earth. Now he's determined to become President of the US--and, as one character notes, from there it's only a short step to dictator. The only hope is to put together the antidote. But Pierce's muscular, serum-enhanced goons are everywhere and there are many more of them than there are friends of Dan and Amy. And Pierce also has a factory that looks like it's going to mass-produce serum for an army of henchmen. Nellie Gomez, Dan and Amy''s au pair and co-conspirator against Pierce, has infiltrated that factory, posing as an organic chemistry expert. But how long can she keep up the ruse? Pierce is sure to find out--then what happens? And then Amy has to face the unthinkable choice--Dan's life is in extreme danger and the only solution is to take the vial of Cahill serum hidden in her backpack, even though the serum kills you within a week. Will she do it?? 

Oh, man, you've got to read to find out!! I really enjoyed every thrilling moment of this book and you will too. It's got everything you like about this terrific series and packs a strong emotional punch too, especially with the tension between Amy, Dan, Jake and Atticus. And this book perfectly sets up the next and, I think, the last book in this series. At the end, things become so bad for the Cahills that there may not be a way out. Pierce may really and truly be unstoppable. Then what becomes of the rest of the world? As I said, you've got to read this one!

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