Thursday, September 11, 2014

First Terrific Book of the Season!

After-summer greetings, all you reader guys! Summer's over now and, even though the Iron Guy is always somewhat sad to see summer go, he's also always glad at this time of year because that's when many of the coolest books come out. For example this fall we get The Blood of Olympus, the latest and final book in the Percy Jackson's The Lost Hero series. We also get The Copernicus Legacy: The Serpent's Curse, the second book in Tony Abbot's unbelievably good new series. I've also ordered  Alvin Ho : Allergic to the Great Wall, the Forbidden Palace, and Other Tourist Attractions by the fabulous Lenore Look--which actually came out in August, so it's technically a summer book. No matter. The Alvin Ho books are possibly the funniest books out there and I can't wait for this one!!

But today I want to tell you about Flashpoint, the latest and last book in the Unstoppable series from The 39 Clues. And is it ever good! Exciting, funny and intense, this book is a fitting end to the adventures of Dan and Amy Cahill. Here we go, everybody--J. Rutherford Pierce, the ruthless media tycoon who took the Cahill serum that gives super strength and intelligence, is about to announce his plan to run for president. But that's not all--the presidency is his first step to world dictatorship. And he's manufacturing enough serum for an army at a secret chemical plant. The only way to stop him is complete the formula for an antidote. Pierce knows about this, however, and has sent out not only his serum-enhanced goons but also his own serum-strengthened son, Galt, to stop them. On top of that, Amy has taken the serum also--but this one is the original Cahill concoction, which kills whoever takes it in seven days. And Amy took it five days ago! Even if they manage to find the last ingredient for the antidote (unlikely), could they avoid the Pierce minions (more unlikely) and get the antidote to Pierce on his heavily-guarded island (most unlikely of all) before Amy succumbs to the serum's effects?  Oh, man! Oh! Man!!! The only way you'll find out is by reading this book! But I guarantee one really good,wild and exciting ride if you do!

This book gets the Iron Guy Seal of Approval as ONE TERRIFIC BOOK!!

And let me know if you've read it and liked it. Leave your thoughts in the "Comment " section under this post. And also tell me which branch of the Cahill family you belong to, if you're also an agent. I don't mind saying that I'm a Tomas--only fitting for a MANLY MAN like the Iron Guy!

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Kellee Moye (@kelleemoye) said...

I need to get more kids to read the 39 Clues series. I know those that read them all, really love them. I have only read the first one.
I'm also interested in Alvin Ho. I haven't read those.

Happy reading this week, and I am so glad that you took part in IMWAYR. :)