Sunday, June 21, 2015

Second Report from the Front!

Yes! It took a while but I finished one book this afternoon, The Boundless by Kenneth Oppell. What a book it was! Action, adventure, magic, all accompanied by a colorful cast of good guys and a nasty villain. Everything boys could want in a book. I'll give full reviews later in the week. Also spent time with another Kenneth Oppell book, the audiobook version of Airborn and, wow! Remember how I said, in my last post, that the book took a while to get going but cool things were about to happen? Well, I was more than repaid for my patience. After chapter 5, the action picked up and it's been a wonderful and fun ride ever since.

This needs to be a short post. My time officially ends at 11:30 pm and it's 11:00 pm now. I'll have my final post up tomorrow morning. I've put in roughly 10 hours today. When I figure it up tomorrow, I may have a personal best!

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