Monday, July 20, 2015

Our First Review from Winnux!

Our friend Winnux
Greetings, everyone. Summer continues to rock at the library. First we had that terrific interview Ms. Phyllis Reynolds Naylor and now we have a great review from our new friend Winnux. Let's hear what he says about one of the graphic novels he checked out:

Title: Aw Yeah Comics...and Action

 Author: Art Baltazar and Franco

                   This wonderful comic book is all about an amazing and wacky adventures of a cat and a bug. It all starts out with Cornelius (the cat) and Alowicious (the bug) are just an average comic book store employees. But when a certain trouble strikes, they became an…. Action cat and Adventure bug! With the help of an adorable cat and Shelly bug, they face off their archnemesis… the Evil cat and his Fiendish friends!

                    What I like about this comic book is that it has so many super crazy adventures. It shows good and evil characters of each one. After reading this book, I felt great. The pictures / drawings are also very colourful and looks cool. The jokes and poses made me laugh as well. It has four chapters and cool sketch pages at the end of the book. And I recommend it to others to read, especially those who are fun of reading comic books like me.  

By: Winnux

Thanks, Winnux! There are lots of guys who like graphic novels and I'm sure some would like to read this one. I sure would! Please keep writing reviews for us--and don't forget that the first time a guy writes in a review, he gets a free book from our ultra-cool prize box.

Winnux's review


Ms. Yingling said...

Thanks, Winnux! I should look into this for my school. Iron Guy, you might like Petlandia. I will be glad when I get in my fall order and have more notebook novels for my picky readers!

Iron Guy Carl said...

I sent your review of Petlandia to She Who Orders Books and she ordered it for our system based on your recommendation!