Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Our First Review from Walden!

Greetings, summertime reader guys everywhere. Summer is here but the living is anything but easy for the Iron Guy. The Summer Reading program has begun and I'm busier than a flea catcher at a dog convention. But that's a good problem because it shows that a lot of people are reading during June, July and August and I bet a lot of them are BOYS. I know one boy who's reading and that's our friend Walden, who was at the latest meeting of the Boys Read and Write Club. He's sent us a review of an Alvin Ho book, so let's hear what he has to say:

Hi this is walden Alvin Ho by Lenore Look is a hilarious book about a boy who is afraid of everything. He lives in Concord, Massachusetts with his sister Anibelly, his brother Calvin, his dad, and his mom. One day Alvin's father tells him that they are going camping. Alvin is terrified and is dreading the weekend of his camping trip. Eventually the weekend of the camping trip comes and Anibelly asks if she can go along. When they reach the campsite they realize they have forgotten many important things like food and other camping items. Will they be able to survive the week? Read the book to find out. I really enjoyed this book would recommend it to anybody who likes comedy or adventure. 

Thanks, Walden! I'm glad you liked it. You may have heard me mention once or twice (or thirty or fifty times) that I am a HUGE Alvin Ho fan. These are some really, really funny books! If you enjoy laughing, you will have a good time with these. Go see for yourselves, guys! Check out this book or any in the series (there are six of them) and you'll agree with Walden that these books are "hilarious,"

(PS, Walden, don't forget that the first time a guy writes in a review, he gets a free book!)

BTW, if you live in the Charlotte area and haven't signed up for the ultra-cool Summer Reading Program, there's still lots of time!

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