Friday, May 19, 2017

The Great Star Wars Movies Dispute

The Iron Guy enjoys stirring things up now and then. Being the MANLY MAN that he is, he does not flinch at expressing an opinion now and again that may stoke the fires of differing opinions. In the summer of 2011, he started The Great Harry Potter Controversy. In October of that same year, he burned up the blogosphere with The Great Greg Heffley Debate. In that same spirit, he's going to present a couple of questions that may have people all over the blogging world either stand up and cheer on the tops of their houses in agreement with or sit up all night choking on their frustrations with my unbelievably silly and ill-informed opinions. Either way, I want to hear what YOU think about these two questions:

Are the Prequels just OK or are they really good or are they enormous embarrassments to the Star Wars universe?

Now everyone knows what I mean by the Prequels, right? They are Episodes I, II and III of the Star
Wars saga. In other words, The Phantom Menace, The Attack of the Clones and The Revenge of the Sith. Some people think they're really good and other think they are terrible. Those in the second group say these movies have rotten acting, superficial characters and a lot of mindless action. People in the first group  say, "Who cares about all that? We enjoy the movies!" I've never met anyone who had a neutral opinion. Those who don't like them don't just mildly dislike them, they hate them! To show what I mean, I saw a sign on the back of a car once that said, in Star Wars letters, "What prequels?" The Iron Guy doesn't fall into either camp, though. I enjoyed The Phantom Menace all right--didn't love it or hate it, just thought it was OK. It did have a lot of superficial characters and mindless action but at least it wasn't boring. I liked the second movie much more and the third was so good that it made the other two better. So what do you think? Were the Prequels a big waste of time? Were they great? Or just OK?

Is The Force Awakens the best of all the Star Wars movies?

Ooohhh, boy, I bet this will start some arguments! It's like asking a random group who their favorite sports team is or if Michael Jordan or LeBron James is better. People will argue that stuff for days. Same thing with Star Wars. Everyone has a favorite movie and can tell you lots of reasons that particular one beats all the others. Well, for years I always said The Empire Strikes Back was the best but, after The Force Awakens, I may have changed my mind. Yes, it's basically the same plot as Episode IV but it has a lot more going on. And I don't mean just the action, either, although there was plenty of that! Rey's mysterious background, Kylo Ren's conflicted nature and Han Solo's fate grabbed hold of me in a way that none of the other movies did. Did that happen to you, boys? Or to you, grownups? Maybe or maybe not. But I could also add that the action, the effects and the humor were every bit as good in this movie as in the others--and I think they were even better! So that could mean this is the best of the bunch. What do YOU think? Leave your comments under this post and don't be shy!

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cleemckenzie said...

I need that bumper sticker. I'm not a huge fan of prequels.