Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Two Cool Events

Hey guys, have you ever noticed that, once October gets in full swing,  there are fun events going onall around you. It's certainly the case in North Carolina. There are apple festivals up in the mountains, a Blackbeard Pirate festival on the coast, a barbecue festival in the central part of the state. There's even a Wooly Worm festival. Well, the Charlotte Mecklenburg library is getting in on the fun and so is the Boys Read blog. Let me tell you:

The author of this book will be there
On November 4, the library is going to hold its EpicFest at Imaginon, our extremely-cool place that is like no other place in the country. There's going to be a lot  very fun stuff that day, so don't miss it! Plus there will also be several authors there, including Eric Litwin of Pete the Cat fame and David Lubar, who is a favorite of a lot of guys.  I went last year and had a great time.
will be a lot of

And the Iron Guy is not going to let October go by without a big event, so this year he's going to bring back The World Series of Reading Contest that was so great last year. It will start on October 24, the same day as the actual World Series, and I will post all the rules the day before. (It will be simple--boys write in reviews of books and get points. The three boys with the most points win) So check this blog on Monday, October 23 to find out how it will work and start sending in your reviews on the 24th. (If you'd like an advance look at the rules, check out this post from last year. The rules will be almost the same this year) Last year's Contest was as thrilling as last year's history-making World Series, so let's see if we could make this one even better!! (and grownups--including teachers--if you know any boys who'd like to participate, let them know, even if they live outside of the Charlotte area. We could work things out)

The Major League Baseball World Series and the Boys Read World Series of Reading--two great events!

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