Friday, February 9, 2018

Want to Hear the Best? Then Listen to "The Worst..."

Hey, there, guys, I'm going to do an unusual thing today and tell you about something that I haven't finished. In fact, I'm only one-quarter of the way through! But it is so much fun that I just can't wait and, besides, I KNOW it's going to turn out to be great!!

Perhaps the funniest thing I ever listened to was the audiobook version of Science Fair by Dave Barry. (the library has plenty of copies--hint, hint!) Anyway, Dave Barry could win the award for Funniest Man Ever to Write Books--or, if not, he could certainly win for Writing the Funniest Books Guys Would Like. Science Fair was a big hit with guys here (check out some reactions here and here) and I listened to the audiobook version and nearly laughed my MANLY head off! So I was checking in books the other day and saw the audiobook version of another Dave Barry title--The Worst Class Trip Ever--and said to myself, "Well, why not?" I've listened to almost all of Disc 1 and it's so funny that I just have to tell you guys about it!

Wyatt and his best friend Matt, two eighth-graders from Culver Middle School in Miami, are flying with their classmates on the way to the school's annual trip o Washington DC. with their classmates to the school's annual trip to Washington DC. Behind them are two-strange-looking guys, one with a very large bag that won't fit into the overhead compartment and another with a backpack that he absolutely won't let go of. All through the flight, the two guys keep looking obsessively at aerial photos of the White House. Are they terrorists? Are they hiding a missile and a control box in their bags?? Is Matt the only one who can save the White House??? I won't tell you the answers, but, oh, man, are you ever going to laugh as you listen to what happens! Besides, you'll get to hear about what happened when an alligator attacked Wyatt's dad in his boxer shorts, meet an 80-jillion-year-old flight attendant and find out why Wyatt may have to wait until he's seventy before he gets to go out with Suzana Delgado, his crush.

And all this is on Disc 1!

BTW, did I mention this audiobook is funny?

I'll give you a final verdict when I'm finished but I'm sure, based on what I've experienced from Dave Barry so far, I bet I won't be disappointed. And stay tuned to this blog. There will be more fun and interesting stuff here in the next few weeks. In the meantime, go check this out! The library has plenty of copies of this one too.


Greg Pattridge said...

I laugh every time I see the cover of Dave Barry's books. We need more humor in MG stories and he hits a homerun every time. Thanks for the enthusiastic recommend.

Books4Learning said...

Thanks for these recommendations. Hopefully, my library has the audio version. I have the hardest time getting my teen son to read or even listen to books. Maybe this will appeal to him.