Thursday, June 28, 2007

Got Mysteries?

Hey Guys, it's Carl again. The Great Geek Darth Bill will post something soon (he's busy with his Sith Lord training), so I'll put up 2 recommendations today. As many of you probably know, the theme for the library's Summer Reading Program is Get A Clue. It's a lot of fun and I hope you guys are participating--you get prizes for reading! Here are a couple of mysteries:

1. The Missing Chums by Franklin W. Dixon This is one of the Hardy Boys mysteries. Strange things are happening in Bayport, Joe and Frank Hardy's home town. A bank is robbed by thieves wearing gorilla and magician masks. An unknown black boat tries to ram Joe and Frank. Fights break out in Shantytown. And what's going on at Hermit Island? Read this and find out why boys have been enjoying the Hardy Boys series for 60 years! (This series has the original illustrations and covers--very retro and very fun!)

2. Windcatcher by Avi
This is more of a suspense/mystery book but it's very exciting. Eleven-year-old Tony is going to spend the summer with his aunt who lives by the sea. Tony has bought a small sailboat and is looking forward to exploring the bay when he learns about a ship that sank in that bay 200 years ago. The treasaure aboard was never found. Could the statue of the ship's captain hold a clue to the treasure's location? And who is this suspicious couple who seem to stop at nothing to keep Tony from finding it? I remember reading this and wondering if Tony would survive being stranded when his boat disappears!

OK, everyone, let us know if you've read these books. Did you like them? Have you read any other good mysteries?

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