Saturday, June 30, 2007

Some Cool Scary Books

Hi guys,

Sorry I have not posted lately but as Carl said I had some further Sith training to catch up with at Sith School. I made a new friend while at Sith School and his name is Darth Maul. He doesn't talk much but at least he doesn't snarl at me like he does at all the other Sith at school. I hate to bring this up, but I am awfully disappointed that a "Jedi" has posted a review of some of his favorite books and no Sith. Come on future Sith of the Galaxy lets show those darn Jedi we read as much if not more than them. Sorry I just had to get that off my chest. Well let me tell you about some really great scary books I have read lately.

1) More Horowitz Horror: More Stories You'll Wish You'd Never Read by Anthony Horowitz - Wow, this was a great read with some really cool horror stories. Not all the stories had happy endings and some of the stories really had some great twist and turns that you will not see coming. My favorite story in the book was "The Elevator." Police Detectives Charles Falcon and Jack Beagle are investigating the case of a young boy who gets on an elevator but never gets off. Another good one is "The Hitchhiker." It's a rainy night and Jacob and his parents are returning from a nice day at the beach. They pick up a hitchhiker whose car has broken down and is walking in the rain. Surely nothing good can come of this? Are you brave enough to find out the outcome of these stories? If so read this book and let me know what you think.

2) Goosebumps: Terror Trips based on the novels by R.L. Stine - Goosebumps stories are now being adapted into Graphic Novel Format. The PLCMC has the first two volumes, "Creepy Creatures" and "Terror Trips" in it's collection. I had a really good time reading both of them and thought they were awesome. "Terror Trips" tells three stories - One Day at Horrorland, A Shocker on Shock Street and Deep Trouble. I really had a blast reading all three of them. The first story involves a family getting lost while on vacation and ending up at a strange fun park named Horrorland. They decide to give it a try and the place really lives up to it's name. The second story involves two friends who love a horror movie series called Shock Street. Well lucky for them a Shock Street Studio Tour is about to open and because one of the duo just happens to be the daughter of the designer of the tour they get to test it out first. This may not be the best thing to ever happen to them (in fact it may be very far from a "good" thing). The third story involves sea monsters, sharks, and merpeople - enough said!!!!!

Well until we meet again in the badlands, peace all,

Darth Bill

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