Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This is Carl. I have to apologize to anyone who has tried to post comments this last week. I hit the wrong button and disabled the comments. SORRY! I've fixed it, so if you want to post something, especially about the books we recommended, go for it!

BY THE WAY---we've got an incentive! We'll give a free book to the first 10 boys who post to this blog. Of course you'll have to come to Imaginon to get it. And you'll have to identify yourself by telling us who you are and (a short version of) what you wrote. No fair coming in and saying, "I'm Dick Grayson and I wrote on your blog and I want a book." Nope nope nope. Tell us the stuff and we'll give you the book.


Obi-wan-Andrew said...

My Weird School: Miss Daisy is Crazy
The point of the story is there is a math teacher that doesn't know anything about math. She stays at home and eats homemade chocolate balls. The kids have to teach her math so she can keep her job. It's a funny story, and it comes in a series about other strange people who work at the school.

Jace said...

Horse and His Boy
by CS Lewis

There was a boy who was talking to a horse, and all of a sudden the horse started talking back. Both were from Narnia, and they decided they wanted to go to Narnia. On their way there they met a girl with another talking horse. After a few narrow escapes, they got to Narnia. The book was exciting and had a happy ending.