Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Big Sith Checks In!

Hey all you Sith readers (especially Darth Bill),

You'll be pleased that none other than Lord Vader himself has posted comments! (Dom dom dom dum de dum dum de dum) Here you go:

My name is Mikie - a.k.a. Lord Vader. I just read a cool book called Human Body Revealed by Dr. Sue Davidson and Ben Morgan. It has great pictures and I learned a lot. There was even information in there that my mom didn't know.

Here's another one:

It's Mikie again. I originally posted this in the blog on blogspot but it was my first one and I don't know if it goes to the library blog automatically. This book is called Deltora Quest: The Forests of Silence. I really liked this book a lot. It is by Emily Rodda. The Wennbar is my favorite character. The book is about a quest in the Forests of Silence. The heroes are looking for gems that were taken from a belt. With the stones the belt helps keep peace, but the Shadow Lord had the stones taken from the belt and hidden in scary places.

I think other boys would like this book.

Well done! Come in and get your free book. (Do you think I'm going to tell Lord Vader he can't have a free book?) Mikie brings up a good point, one that I mentioned in our introduction--Nonfiction is not boring!

Speaking of The Human Body Revealed (which we just happen to have copies of at PLCMC), there is a great exhibit at Discovery Place called Body Worlds. Check out Discovery Place's home page here to find out more. We have a good collection of books about the body here at the library in Imaginon to go with the Body Worlds exhibit. In fact, if you go to see it at Discovery Place, come here to Imaginon afterward and get some of these books!

Let me answer a question for Mikie (LV) and all you other guys out there. Whenever you send us a comment, it automatically goes to a place where we can view it first. It has to be that way--as you Sith and Jedi and all readers know, there are a lot of real villains out there and we have to check things out before we publish them. So, if you don't see your comment right away, don't panic. We'll get it up soon. One more thing--on most blogs, the only place to read comments is in that place marked "comments" under each post. Darth Bill and I wanted to put your comments in our posts so that everybody could read them and comment back on them. Besides, you guys write great stuff and we want to put it right out there!
So let's hear it--anyone else read any good nonfiction lately? And where are all you Jedi? Are you going to let the Sith get all the glory?

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