Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Posts from the Sith!

Hey guys! This is Carl. Darth Bill is out this weekend (supervising construction of the Death Star, no doubt), but he would be pleased to see not just one but TWO comments from Sith readers! The first is from Trevor B., alias Smith the Sith:

Hi, I am Smith the Sith. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT (that was my light saber, sorry it misfired!) Dare to prepare ! I just read Teen Titans: Go! Ready for Action! and my friends and I used the Tween Titans song as our theme song. "When there's trouble, you know who to call...Tween Titans"! It's a great book.

The second is from Jay B. (Evil Sith II):

I am second most evil Sith around because my plans are to rule the world and destroy the Jedis. I will rule by reading evil books like Shivers: A Ghastly Shade of Green. In this book, Jason goes on vacation to the Everglades and the plants almost destroy him. MWWWHAHAHA (evil Sith laugh)! I will soon rule the world with my evil knowledge!

There you go--2 comments today! Good work, guys! (or should I say "evil work"?) Come in and get your free books! Remember, the first ten boys to post to this blog get a free book. (Disclaimer notice: This blog is open to every guy, no matter where you live. If you live too far away to get the free books, don't worry--we'd still love to hear from you)

On a totally different note, how many of you went to a Harry Potter party last night? Did you get a copy of the new book? We had a great party here at Imaginon (though I couldn't be there). Bill was there and maybe he'll tell you about it. If we have some pictures, maybe we'll post some too.

So let's hear it, guys, Harry Potter fans, Sith, and Jedi!

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