Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Video Games, Knights, Flawed Dogs and The Marvel Universe

Hi all, Well The Carl-Man has been on a tear with post lately, so I figured it was about time I got one up. Before I get into any book reviews, I wanted to share this preview of the video game I have as my number 1 on my to get list when I have money for my X-Box 360. Check it out:

Pretty Cool Huh!!!!! Oh yea, can't wait to play me some Hulk, Deadpool and Iron Fist!!! OK, now we can talk about some recent reads of mine:

Knights of The Lunch Table: The Dragon Players by Frank Cammuso - This is the second volume of the Knight's of The Lunch Table by Frank Cammusu. To see my review of the first Graphic Novel click HERE. Artie and the guys are in big trouble again in this installment. First off the evil Principle Mrs. Dagger has gotten a brand new car which the guys just happen to accidentally break the windshield of in a bowling accident (believe it or not). Well it is lucky for them that the big celebration known as Dragon Day is coming up and one of the events is a robot battle tournament. However there are problems!!!!Percy, the brains of the group, cannot help the guys build a robot because he is being forced to make one for the not so nice group of bullies known as the "Horde" and Artie is catching flack about his grades from Mr. Merlyn. Rest assured much comedy and confusion will follow as the guys try to figure away out of these messes. Don't miss this very funny Graphic Novel!!!!!!!

Flawed Dogs : The Novel : The Shocking Raid on Westminster by Berkeley Breathed - Have you ever watched the Westminster Dog Show and marveled at the beauty of the dogs. Well this book is about beauty that is a little harder to see. Not outside beauty, but the beauty that lies within the heart. This book is about a dog named Sam who leads a motley crew of "flawed dogs" in an attempt to sabotage the most famous dog show around; The Westminster. This book will make you laugh out loud and also break your heart at times. I know it may appear that I am saying "unmanly" things about this book, but real men are not afraid to cry or feel joy. So if you want to read a really good book about a three legged dog named Sam and some of his unusual friends (Madam - a cat who wants to be a dog, a bugged-eyed mutt named appropriately Bug, Fabio - a greyhound mix who walks standing up, Pooft - a gas propelled rocket dog, among many other odd but lovable dogs) and how they forever change the Westminster Dog Show; this is definitely the book for you. Two Thumbs Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Marvel Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide To The Characters Of The Marvel Universe (Updated and Expanded) Senior Editor Alastair Dougall - This book is a must for all fans of the Marvel Universe of Comics. The Encyclopedia starts with the villainous Abomination (a gamma-radiated adversary of The Hulk) and ends some 400 pages later with Zzzax (an electrified enemy, again, of The Hulk). Some of my favorite groups and characters covered in this tome of knowledge are: The Avengers, Luke Cage, Captain America, Doctor Strange, The Fantastic Four, Nick Fury, Galactus, Wolverine, The X-Men and many more!!!!!! So check this book out so you can read up on the complete history of some of your favorite heroes and villains of The Marvel Universe.

, that's all I have for now all you cool cats!!! Stay cool and I'll see ya on the flip side,


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