Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our First N.E.R.D. ...

...is, appropriately enough, a TEACHER!! Yes, it's Mr. Michael, English teacher extraordinaire and head of the SMS GUYS READ blog. Here he is, in a jacket that would make any nerd green with envy, posing with that nerdy robot C3PO. (I guess if robots could be nerdy, it would be C3PO!) And look what he's reading!! Well done, Mr. Michael!

So come on, guys!! Are we going to be beaten by a TEACHER? Put on those nerd outfits and send in those pictures. Or come to the Imaginon or Matthews libraries and let us take a photo. The contest goes until 6 pm this Saturday. That's Halloween, men--the perfect day to dress up!

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Jana said...

Have you read the new novel by Mac Barnett called The Brixton Brother (s): The Case of the Case of the Mistaken Identity. First of all, the blurb on the front about the book is by Jeff Kinney, and you know he's got a sense of humor. Second of all it deals with librarians! I am only 1/3 of the way through so I don't know yet whether they are good or bad librarians but I know I am having trouble focusing on my work and not reading! I think this is going to be a fantastic mystery series that boys are really going to enjoy!