Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beyond the Grave by Jude Watson--the 4th 39 Clues Book... just GREAT!! These books keep getting better. Dan and Amy Cahill are in Cairo, Egypt (a exotic place where danger lurks at the most unexpected places) in their search for the latest Clue. If they can find all 39 Clues, they could become the richest and most powerful people on earth, but there are other members of the Cahill family who want those Clues as well--dangerous people who will not let a couple of mere kids get in the way! Dan and Amy find old enemies, new friends, and mysterious messages from beyond the grave. But can these new friends be trusted? Can anyone be trusted in the hunt for the most amazing secret on earth? And can Dan and Amy keep searching for the Clues without turning evil like their relatives? I tell you, you gotta read this one to find out!! Adventure, action, mystery, and breathtakingly exotic locations--no one does it better than The 39 Clues!!


PS--Could you decode the message in the book?

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