Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Magic Tree House Audiobook

Hey, reader guys everywhere, it's Carl and I've just come back from a Labor Day weekend at North Myrtle Beach, a really fun place, as you can see. We took some audiobooks with us but listened to only one, Magic Tree House, Book 38 and 39 by Mary Pope Osborne. There are two discs in this set; Monday with a Mad Genius and Dark Day in the Deep Sea. (We listened only to the second one) A lot of our younger readers guys are fans of the Magic Tree House and with good reason! These books are exciting! Mary Pope Osborne knows how to write a good story, but guess what? She also knows how to read one! She reads these audiobooks herself and does a terrific job. In Dark Day in the Deep Sea, Jack and Annie travel back to 1875 to join the crew of the H.M.S. Challenger, the first ship devoted to scientific reaearch of the oceans. A storm comes up, however, and Jack and Annie are swept overboard. And then they're picked up by a giant octopus! I tell you, I didn't know how they'd ever survive! If you're a Magic Tree House fan or if you just like exciting stories, this is for you!
BTW, if you wonder why we listened to only one disc of one audiobook, it's because my wife and daughter got hold of a copy of Beyond the Grave, the fourth 39 Clues book and read it. They got to read it and I didn't! Not fair!

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