Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pirate and Princess Day and More Pirates and a Fourth-Grade Nothing

Hey, all you readers guys, it's Carl and we had a great time with the Pirate and Princess Day here at Imaginon yesterday. Well, I should say that I had a great time after the initial shock wore off. You see, due to circumstances totally beyond my control, I got here right as the thing started. All the cool pirate stuff had been taken so I was pressed into princess duty. And here's the result:Yeah, go ahead and laugh. Bootstrap Bill can't believe what he sees either. But anyone who didn't like it would have gotten a knuckle sandwich! Everyone had a good time, though, and that's what counted. We're going to have another good event here on October 29, a HARRY POTTER DAY!! We'll tell you about it as it gets closer.

Speaking of pirates, there's going to be an extremely cool play at the Children's Theatre of Charlotte in March. It's Treasure Island, the greatest pirate story ever. It'll be March 12-28. (I'm telling you now so your parents can be sure to order tickets) This one's got buried treasure, bloodthirsty pirates, and adventure in the South Seas. What more could you want?

And there's another show in January that you ought to know about--Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing. This one's all about the misadventures of Peter Hatcher and his "impossible little brother Fudge." This story is really funny, especially the birthday party scene. And wait until you find out what Fudge does with Peter's turtle! The Children's Theatre does first-rate shows and I've liked every one I've seen. So don't miss them! There are plenty of others. Check the Children's Theatre of Charlotte site to find out.

Right now they're doing a good version of Beauty and the Beast. (Yeah, it has mushy stuff but you have to admit the Beast is a truly macho guy to fight off those wolves) Anyway, that reminded me of a song. Actually, it's a song from a vanished civilization. A long time ago in a galaxy far away, the Empire commissioned a play called Jedi and the Sith. I guess it was propaganda for the Empire. The play is lost but there was a song in it about a very famous sith lord. You might even know who it is:

DARTH BILL (sung to the tune of "Gaston")

"There's no other sith who's admired like you
You're Palpatine's favorite guy.
Storm Troopers are awed and inspired by you
And it's not hard to understand why!

No one's brash like Darth Bill
Fights with dash like Darth Bill
No one uses the Death Star to smash like Darth Bill
"I'm especailly good at obliterating!"
Oh, what a sith--DARTH BILL!!!


Ms. Yingling said...

Excellent picture! No wonder your library program rocks. Kids love it when we make fools of ourselves, and isn't it fun?

Anonymous said...

Indeed it is Ms. Yingling!!! Indeed it is.

Darth Corder said...

It is indeed Ms. Yingling. It is to much fun!!!