Saturday, February 25, 2012

An Award-Winning Book Essay by Mateo, a True Reader Guy

Hey everyone! The Iron Guy loves what modern technology can do. I'm part of an online group that talks about books for kids and a very nice lady notified the group that her 4th-grade son Mateo had written a prize-winning essay about which book he'd save if all the books in the world disappeared. Pretty cool idea, huh? Well, this lady is Ali B and she blogs at The Literary Lunchbox (check it out) and she was good enough to let us reprint her son's essay. Here you go:

My bright and beautiful, quirky and kind son wrote this essay for a contest sponsored by the San Diego Public Library. He won! The topic of his essay ~ If all the books in the world were about to disappear, which book would you save and why?

FRINDLE ~ By Mateo

Frindle is a book about a fifth grader named Nicholas Allen who creates a new word, and the word spreads across the country. If all the books in the world were about to disappear I would choose this one because it’s about creativity, it teaches you how to make new words, plus it’s super funny.
Frindle is a book about creativity, and if you put something out there, you never know what to expect. Really, this book makes you realize one change can go a long way. Nicholas Allen learns from his teacher how words are created, how they are used, and how they aren’t used.
The book teaches you how words are created, and what words have to do to be a real word. For example, it has to be written, spoken, and finally, put in the dictionary.
Frindle is a funny book with an interesting story about comedy and creativity and laughing at every page. The story is so funny I laughed myself to sleep. For example: “Mrs. Granger was one of those people who never sweats. It have to be over 90 degrees before she even took off her jacket.” This is one part of the book that is really funny.
In conclusion, Frindle is about creativity, how words are created, and a pinch of hyperbole. All these reasons are why I chose Frindle to be the book I would save if all of the books were about to disappear. I hope you have a great time reading Frindle.

Thanks, Mateo and Ali B! It's a good essay and a lot of guys like Frindle. How about YOU? What book would YOU save if all the books in the world were about to disappear? This applies to all you reader guys and all you grownup followers of this blog. Hit that "Comment" button below this post and let us know!
(PS--what would the Iron Guy save? The Lord of the Rings. No question about it!)

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