Friday, February 3, 2012

More MRSA Reviews!

Hey ho, all you reader guys, the Iron Guy has been very busy lately and that's why I haven't posted the rest of the reviews from the great kids at Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy. So, without any more chitchat, let's hear about the books they read: (once again, these reviews are in not particular order and the names are in bold type)

dania k

Eleanor Estes is the best author everrrrrrrr!!! She wrote the book Hundred dresses. Its about Wanda a girl who makes hundred dresses. Wanda always gets teased at school. Read and see what happens next.
I like this book because it’s a little touching if you like touching books you will enjoy reading it .P.S it won a Newberry Honor medal.

Kate the Great
The wolves of the beyond: LONE WOLF
By Kathryn Lasky

Faolan is a little maldcah wolf pup. In Wolf langauge maldcah means "cursed one" but faolan is forced by thunderheart to used his twisted paw for better. The spiral on his paw leads him to a cave faolan later reffers to as "the cave through time" What do the ancient paintings mean? Where will they lead Faolan? Can Foalan figure it out before all goes wrong? Read about it in book #1 LONE WOLF.

I love this book because of the fast action & fantasy relating to reality. It is a great book for children ages 10+. It is teaching a very valuable lesson and something you need to learn: Just because you may be different all are equal. Never give up hope. Beleive.


(this one is obviously about the latest Wimpy Kid book--Iron Guy Carl)

My favorite series is the Percy Jackson series. The author is Rick Riordan.
I just started the book and it is great. The plot and setting is interesting. I’ve already seen the movie but I think the book is way better than the movie. It’s about a boy named Percy Jackson and the gods think he stole the lightning bolt from his uncle, Zeus. He has to give it back to him by a specific time. Can he make it? I liked this book.


Diary of a wimpy kid by: Jeff Kinney
I loved the book it is about a boy that goes into middle school and says it is horrible and his friend embarrasses him he gets in a lot of trouble with his brothers.
I really liked this book because it is very funny.


The Mysterious Benedict Society is a book by Trenton Lee Stewert and is the best book ever because there is just 4 kids in the whole world who can stop the evil Lathrode Curtain from controlling the world these kids are Reynie , Sticky , Kate and the stubborn Constance. With the help of Milligan, Mr. Benidict, Rhonda, and Number .Two the kids must go to a mysterious school on a mysterious island.

mania malika

This book is about a girl who gets caught by a giant the BFG ( the big friendly giant) . That girl figures out that 8 other giants travel at night and gobble up humans like they are a snack of popcorn. In this book they are words that the BFG says that make no sense because the BFG never went to school. I really like this book because it is really funny. It also not the closest to be true.

I don’t really like this book because it is really slow at the beginning. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read it.

shadow ninja anonamis ( I am crazy )

The book I am reviewing is Pearcy Jakson And The Battle Of The Labrenth by Rick Riordan the amazing it is about a boy who is a son of posiden. he goes into a living maze to get one of the ways to navigate the maze so no one else can. Will he make out alive? See for yourself and read Pearcy Jakson And The Battle Of The Labrenth


For the Son of Neptune I liked it because it has a lot of action and suspense.

There you go! Good reads recommended by actual readers guys (and girls too) just like you! Have YOU read anything that you're dying to tell us about? Hit that "comment" tab and write your own review. The Iron Guy loves to pass on the news about great reads!

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