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The Kids at MRSA Send Some Awesome Reviews!

The fourth graders at Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy have sent us a bunch of really good book reviews. They sent so many, in fact, that I can't post them all at once. So I'm going to put ten at a time until they're all up. They've read some very interesting books, guys, so pay attention!

Before I post them, though, let me give you my progress on my New Year's resolution. (check out this post to see what it was) The Iron Guy has gotten into Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and finds that he's enjoying it a lot more than he thought he would. He's almost gotten to the point where the book crushed him the last time but yet he finds himself actually enjoying it this time.

Here he is, manfully reading along. (Notice that he has a paperback copy now to reduce the chance of book crushing)As the Iron Guy reads, however, he is remembering all the things about HP that he liked and all the things that irritated him to distraction. But you'll hear all about it in another post. Right now, let's get to those reviews! (they are in no particular order and each reader's name is in bold print)

The book I’m reviewing is Starting with Alice. The author’s name is Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. It is about a little girl named Alice that has an older brother named Lester. They live with their father and their mother died. Alice and Lester are new at their school and are having trouble fitting in. Alice has always wanted a pet and that’s why for her birthday present her dad bought her a cat. She invites some new friends over for a birthday party but does someone go missing? That question remains a mystery.

I wrote a review on this book because it is my favorite book. I love this book because it is reality, adventure, and mystery all in one. I love the Alice books because there really entertaining. I love how the adventure in the book is spread out all over in the book.

I think that the Son of Neptune is an awesome book. Percy finds the roman Camp Jupiter and meets Frank and Hazel, who seem to have many secrets, though they’re as loyal as can be. As they go on their quest to save Death, they make allies and enemies. While they’re on their quest, all 3 wonder if they’ll even have a camp to return to. As Gaea sends an army to destroy Camp Jupiter, the group learns a lot about loyalty and duty. It’s a great sequel to The Lost Hero and is another awesome book by Rick Riordan.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Pride and Prejudice is a book about a young girl named Elizabeth Bennet and a nephew of a wealthy bachelor Mr. Darcy who has a relationship and the book tells about how they learn to deal with each other and how their relationship came to be and why. I enjoyed the book so much I decided to see the movie and both the book and movie was fantastic. I hope everyone gets a chance to read Pride and Prejudice.

The View from Saturday
By:E.L. Konigsburg
Meet the souls. A group of friends that meet all together and become friends at a tea party. here are thier names: Noah,Nadia,Ethan ,and Julian. How can thier teacher, Mrs. Olinski stand having these kids as thier students? Find out in this book!
I enjoyed this book because it had mischef and humor at the same time!

ipod n
Book Review - The People Of Sparks. By Jeanne DuPrau. This book was about 2 emberites that emerge from a hole in the ground that leads to an underground city called Ember, they are welcomed, however the town, called Sparks has limited resources such as food and space. In exchange the emberites have to complete there own work. But when resources are low the limited food leads to violence its up to Lina and Doon to stop war. The people of Sparks is the 2nd book in the sierise and i really enjoyed it, even though it starts off a bit slow in the start.

elite vivek

My favorite book is Billionaires Curse .The author of the book is Richard Newsome.
The book is about 13 year old Gerald who inherits one billion dollars, 3 estates, a super yacht and a Caribbean island from his great aunt Geraldine. But a robber steals a diamond worth a million dollars kills his aunt and is now is trying to kill Gerald. Now it is up to Gerald to retrieve the diamond and find out who killed his great aunt. I liked this book because this book had a lot of action and mystery and I really like those type of books. Also the book has so much detail that you get addicted to the book.


The Mysterious Benedict Society is a book by Trenton Lee Stewert and is the best book ever because there is just 4 kids in the whole world who can stop the evil Lathrode Curtain from controlling the world. These kids are Reynie , Sticky , Kate and the stubborn Constance. With the help of Milligan, Mr. Benidict, Rhonda, and Number Two. The kids must go to a mysterious school on a mysterious island.
I loved this book because there is a lot of adventure and I recommend it for fans of Harry Potter

Chuck the girl
The little princess by Frances hogins Bernet
Sarah has a perfect life In India, her dad owns jewel mines so Sarah is rich. Her mother died when she was born and now she is going to school. The kids there are nice. The head mistress Mrs.Michen is not. Sarah loves to play with her dolls but everything will change when here father dies leaving her no money.
I loved this book I loved it so much I read it in two nights, it’s just a page turner . I love it most of all I love that there action every ware you turn it’s a book of action, magic, friendship and believing.

Rocking Ryan

Title: Percy Jackson series
Author: Rick Riordan
One of my favorite books that I read was the Percy Jackson series. Percy is a teenage boy who is a Greek demigod. He goes to a camp called Camp Half-Blood and trains there for fighting (because Percy goes on multiple quests. He meets two friends at Camp Half-Blood; Grover and Annabeth. The three friends go on quests everywhere. They are always on dangerous missions. Sometimes, they even have to fight giants. Giants can only be killed by demigods and gods together. Will the friends survive all the quests that they go on? Read the book to figure out.
I liked this series because ther is action on every page. Plus I never stopped reading Riordan’s books. Rick Riordan is my favorite author.


My favorite book is Eldest. This book is about a 15 year old boy who adventures with his dragon Saphira. Galiborix the king of Alagaesia is trying to take all the dragon eggs. In the war Eragon fights against Murtagh which he finds out that he is his brother.
I liked this book because Eragon and His Dragon Saphirsa bond together and train to defeat Galiborix and overcome many difficulties that neither one of them could overcome by themself.

Thanks, everybody! All these books sound really good. So go out there and find them, guys! These are all kid-approved and not just pushed on you by some stuffy od grownup!

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