Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SAMMER Starts the Year Right!

Greetings, fellow reader guys, from the new year of 2012. Hope this one will be happy, healthy and have heaps of good stuff to read. Our good friend and regular reviewer Sammer has begun the year on a high note. Let's look at his review of the Fablehaven books:

I just finished reading The Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull. They were a fabulous series about stopping the Society of the Evening Star from opening the Demond prison Zzyzx. It's a great adventure to see what they go through to stop them. The main characters Seth and Kendra think they just going to stay at their boring Grandparents house. When they are given a book with three keys to it with instructions to find the keys. They find them and open the book and there is nothing in there except three words in the back "Drink the milk." They atomatcly thought of the milk they see all the insects of the yard dricking. They drank the milk and they looked at the insects and they were different. They were faries! They went to their Grandparents and they explained about Fablehaven the magical preserve for magical creatures and Viola the giant cow. That is how the great adventure started. The first book is about stopping Muriel the Witch and Bahumat the Demond. The second book is about stopping Olloch the Gluton from eating Seth. The third book is about stopping the shadow plague. The fourth book is about recovering the key to the Obsidian Waste from the dragon sanctuary Wyrmroost. The fifth book is about finishing stopping the Society of the Evening Star from opening Zzyzx. I recomend the series and it has lead me to reading his new series The Beyonders.

Thanks, Sammer! These books look really good and I've heard good things about them. I hope you guys go out and get them. After all, they're---

Guy Tested--GUY APROVED!!


Ife said...

My favorite books were..

1. The lost hero
2.The Last Olympian
3.The Son of Neptune
4.Alex Rider- Scorpia

Don't stop reading because these books hav all the action!

Ife the reader said...

Read Diary of a Wimpy kid sereis. It is awesome!!!!

Ife the reader said...

Hi, I am reading Eldest, the second book in the eragon series. Here is a little preview of the book. In this book Eragon and his dragon Saphira get traning from an elf dragon rider. Eragon and his Dragon are traveling around seeking refuge from Galaborix, the king of Alagaesia. When the time is right Eragon,Saphira,the fellow elf dragon rider and the varden are going to team up and try to defeat Galoborix.